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Who pays for Police Checks?

Start a new Police Check
Start a new Police Check

Almost all job applications in Australia now require a criminal history check result. If that role falls within the “sensitive” roles (e.g. aged care), in some cases it is unlawful for the employer not to hold a valid police clearance for their employees.

There are different purposes why you may need a police check, and some of them are;

The application process for a national criminal background check has become easier and widespread as the needs are growing. However, the process is not free and may require you to remit some fee depending on the purpose of the check.

Who pays for police check applications?

This may depend on who is applying for the police check or the purpose for the check.

How can my organization obtain a police check for an individual?

Some organisations want to avoid the risks of trusting applicants to produce an authentic check completely by themselves. While verifying checks seems a little stressful, they can opt to obtain a crime record check for the candidates.

However, employers or other requesting parties should know that there is no such thing as a “secret police check application”. All criminal history check applications require the informed consent of the applicant. ANCC’s business portal assists employers to conduct criminal history checks in a compliant manner.

Also, the organisation must follow all directives regarding disclosure, use and assessment of the individual with their criminal history check result.

Organisations that want to obtain a criminal record check for their prospective employees can do so via the Australian National Character Check business portal.

Why organisations should apply via ANCC

Who can disclose the details of a police check?

Irrespective of who obtains the Police Check, only the candidate can permit the disclosure of their check.

Illegitimate disclosure is an offence.

Can I use a criminal history check result for various purposes?

Police check results are released according to the purpose the applicants select. The purpose of the check also determines the extent of criminal history that police agencies will release in accordance with the spent convictions legislation.

If you select “Volunteering” as the purpose of your check, it will not be accepted for paid employment purposes and vice-versa.

Therefore when applying for police checks, applicants must always select the correct purpose.

What roles require a Police Check certificate?

Criminal record checks are a prerequisite for some professions before granting employment, contract, licensing or industry accreditations. The industries include but are not limited to;

Police Check for Business and workplaces

Australian National Character Check helps companies and enterprises to make informed decisions about individuals during employment, licensing and accreditation by providing credible police history checks.

An employer can register with ANCC’s business portal and request criminal history checks from applicants. The process is as follows:

Step 1: Sign up to ANCC’s business portal.

Step 2: ANCC will approve or decline the organisation’s access to the business portal

Step 3: Make payments via any of our numerous payment options (PayPal, Debit/Credit cards)

Step 4: Send invites to applicants to complete a criminal history check with their informed consent

Step 5: ANCC takes care of the entire verification and application process with the applicant

Step 6: Track the progress of each application

Step 7: Send reminders to applicants to complete their checks or view results as they become available