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    How can I find and retrieve my previous police check results?

    Since national police checks have become mandatory in a number of sensitive job roles in Australia, especially in some agencies/industries, there has been plenty of rush for it. Lots of information is flying around; about obtaining a check, retrieving results and so on.

    While many people have completed national police checks online within the past year, some people can’t remember how to access them.

    Also, if your police check was done for you by an organization, it is possible to access the result of your Police Check.

    In the process of all this, some people are not aware of some simple details like;

    • If it is possible to retrieve a check
    • How to retrieve a Police Check
    • How long the retrieval period is

    Here, we will explain how you can retrieve your police check and for how long the window stays open.

    Can I retrieve a Police Check?

    When you apply for a Police Check online via accredited service providers like Australian National Character Check (ANCC), you will get a soft copy of your national police check result that will get emailed to you instantly when the results become available. If you request a hard copy, it will be mailed to you.

    However, if in one way your document gets destroyed, you can easily retrieve it by contacting the ANCC Support team online.

    Following State legislations on criminal records and release, ANCC keeps a record of all Police Check results/applications through the portal for a period of 12 months. If your results get lost/irretrievable at your end, you should reach out to ANCC’s customer service team.

    Apply through other agencies

    Also, if you have applied through other agencies aside from ANCC, you should contact their customer service and explain the situation.

    If you applied for your check via the Australian Federal Police, you should proceed to the AFP criminal records section and make your enquiry.

    How long can I retrieve a Police Check Result?

    Due to regulations, all police check results/applications are only kept for a maximum of one year. After this period, the records are securely destroyed. So, if your criminal history check results/application is older than one year, it will not be possible to retrieve them from ANCC or some other accredited service provider.

    What if I can’t remember the agency I applied with?

    A lot of things may have happened within the time you applied, and you may have forgotten the agency. You can get the required information by checking your tax invoice or searching through your old emails.

    If you applied online, it is much possible to see a correspondence or message in your mail. Your Tax invoice is also a great way to confirm when and where you made a remittance.

    Furthermore, all those who apply online usually pay the required fee using their credit/debit cards. Requesting your bank statements from your banker will give you information about the agency you remitted to.

    Help, I cannot access my Police Check

    If you have tried every available means, including contacting the agency for copies, and you still can't access your check, you may need to apply for a new one.

    A criminal record check certificate will provide an updated record of all your criminal convictions, spent charges, finding of guilt and sentencing. So, if you don't get a conviction within that period, your updated check will be similar to the previous one.

    Is it lawful for accredited agencies to keep records of my Police Checks?

    Yes, approved service provider agencies keep the results for the applicant’s good/future reference. However, crime check results/records cannot last on the agency storage for more than one year. All records are destroyed after one year of issuing.

    While your police check result is stored at the agency, no one can use/disclose it without your consent.

    Can I retrieve my check if I am no longer within the State?

    If you applied for a criminal history check in a different state than you are, you can always retrieve it. However, it depends on the agency you applied through.

    All those who applied through the Australian National Character Check will receive a copy of the police check if they contact us and get verified correctly. For example, you could have applied for your criminal history check in Tasmania and then move to Victoria later on. You will still be able to retrieve your results from ANCC given the time period that has elapsed is not greater than one year.

    How old will the retrieved Police Check be?

    When you retrieve a national police clearance, it carries the same date as the day it was initially issued. If you retrieve your check in December and it was issued in May - the results are 7 months old.

    A Police Check does not assume a new look just because it is retrieved. Retrieval does not translate to being “reissued” a Police Check. You are only getting a stored copy of your Original Background Check result.

    How long does a check result last?

    A national police background check is a point-in-time check. It remains valid from the point of issue till when you request an updated Check. It cannot expire but can be rejected by the requesting agency depending on their internal risk strategy.

    Most organisations/companies will not accept a check older than 3 months old.

    Depending on the sensitivity of the role of applicants, an organization can request updated Police Checks of their staff within 1 to 2 years.

    Which is the easiest way to apply for a check?

    Since applying for a background check has become mandatory in some industries/sectors (e.g. background checks for working in aged care), people should seek easier and faster means to apply.

    Applying for your check online via one of the accredited agencies' portal is considered to be one of the fastest ways to get your national police check.

    The online procedure is simple to complete; do this with a mobile, PC or tablet device.

    Where is your Police Check?

    If you have relocated to another state recently, and are wondering whether your previous criminal history check will be valid in the State, the answer is Yes.

    The police check is valid for all engagements; employment, accreditation, licensing, volunteering background checks and co.

    If you have misplaced the check, follow the information above on how to retrieve it:

    Background checks issued by ANCC are valid in the following states and territories:

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