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Driver Accreditation Police Check in Australia

Australian National Character Check (ANCC) is a provider of national police checks for the purpose of driver accreditation and licensing requirements across Australia.

Applicants can apply via the online application form. Most police check results are returned to applicants within 24 to 48 hours, with the remainder that get referred for manual processing taking up to 15+ days. Police check results are instantly dispatched via email when they become available, with an optional hard copy certificate available at the payment stage.

The cost of a national criminal history check for the purpose of driver accreditation and licensing is $48.90. Applicants can make payment securely online using PayPal, debit card or credit card.

It is important to note that when you are asked to enter the purpose of the check on the police check application form, you should enter “Driver Accreditation/ Licensing” as the check purpose. For example, if you are applying for a police check to get your public driver accreditation as a bus driver, taxi driver, rideshare driver (e.g. uber, ola, didi, etc), hire car driver etc., then you should enter “Driver Accreditation and Licensing” as the purpose of the check when promoted to do so.

Anyone who intends to drive a public vehicle like a car, bus, any (Commercial Passenger Vehicles) or other heavy vehicles in any state or territory in Australia must be accredited through “various” Checks in addition to possessing a valid Australian Driver’s license.

However, there is a gap in information about Driver Accreditation and Licensing Police Checks in Australia. The information below is intended to provide our Australian community with information regarding the requirements for criminal history checks when obtaining driver accreditation.

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What is a Driver Accreditation in Australia?

The Driver accreditation in Australia is a State and Territory based scheme that helps Commercial Passenger travellers to be safer, and passengers more secure. It shows that drivers meet certain assessments and the Australian safety standards on commuting and transporting people.

From a simple perspective, it is the highest vetting or Checks process for anyone who aspires to be a Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPVs) Driver or Operator or similar roles in Australia.

Generally, the process for a Driver accreditation involves the following Checks;

✔ Driver History (from the Australian Traffic Database)

✔ Medical history

Background Criminal History Check or a Working with Vulnerable People Check

Why do you need a criminal history check for Driver Accreditation?

Due to the rising and worrisome cases of irregularities, offences and contract breaches between (CPV) drivers and passengers, States considered it pertinent to introduce a vetting system to protect passengers and citizens.

The Driver accreditation assures potential passengers and other citizens who use your service, of their safety and security. It also ascertains that the driver is qualified and trustworthy to commute them to their destination.

Do police checks for driver accreditation expire?

A police check is a “point in time check” meaning it has no set expiry date or validity period. The check released results up until the date of issue. The expiry of the check is determined by the driver accreditation authorities based on their own risk assessment strategies. Generally most government offices don’t accept police checks for the purpose of driver licensing and accreditation that are older than three months.

Are Public Vehicle Driver Accreditations all the same?

A confusing part for some drivers when obtaining their Driver accreditation is choosing the correct category for the license. Different accreditation types are depending on the vehicle the holder operates;

If you choose the wrong vehicle during the application, you may need to re-apply and remit another fee.

You should also confirm about the purpose of the criminal history check that you will enter on the police check application form. A number of government offices do not accept checks that have the wrong “check purpose” stated on them. For example, you may need to specifically state “Driver Accreditation” in the purpose section of your police check application when prompted to do so.

As the applicant, it is your responsibility to ensure that the information you enter on your criminal record check application is suited for your individual purpose.

Can I use my Driver Accreditation in all States of Australia?

Before you apply for a driver accreditation, get familiar with the State’s legislation regarding Driver accreditation. Since the Driver accreditation is a State-wide scheme, your Driver accreditation may not be inter-usable in different States in Australia.

If you want to apply for a Driver accreditation in Australia and have been asked to present a criminal history check certificate, below are the things you should be aware of for the different states and territories. The information below was last updated in March 2021.

Driver Accreditation & Criminal History Checks in New South Wales (NSW)

Bus Drivers in NSW

In New South Wales, all drivers of public commercial passenger vehicles (CPVs) including those commuting school children must obtain a Criminal Record Check for obtaining a NSW Bus Authority.

The legislation stipulates that all those in the job of transporting and commuting citizens especially the vulnerable group, children and aged must be thoroughly assessed and "clear" for such roles. It is enforced/supervised by the Transport for New South Wales and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

The Bus Driver Authority Card is the official name for the document issued after a successful Check process. The entire legislation is governed by the Passenger Transport Act of 2014 NSW, which was later reviewed and embellished by the Passenger Transport (General) Regulation 2018 NSW.

The most important documents for an NSW Bus Driver Authority Check are;

✔ Signed application form

✔ Medical assessment form

✔ Two photographs

✔ National Criminal History Check (not older than 3 months)

Applicants must state “Driver Accreditation/ Licensing” as the purpose of the check on their national police check application form for it to be accepted by the New South Wales government.

✔ Evidence of citizenship or work legitimacy via Visa Check

✔ Driving History for the last 5 years (if you have held a driver license from another State/territory)

✔ Non-refundable application fee

The information reviewed for a driver accreditation in NSW includes criminal databases for minor and major offences (if any) like the Child Sex offender.

Police Checks for Taxi Drivers, Hire Car Drivers and Rideshare Drivers in New South Wales (NSW)

Service providers of public vehicles like taxi cabs, hire car and ride share (e.g. Uber, Ola, Didi, etc.) in New South Wales (NSW) need to implement and also keep procedures and policies which are up-to-date when taking on new drivers to drive the public vehicles, and also managing their existing drivers who have already been working for the service.

The process also includes determining if weather or not a new or existing public vehicle driver has been found guilty of an offence which is determined by the legislation to be a “disqualifying offence”.

Service providers being able to determine whether or not a driver or prospective driver has been found guilty of an office which is considered as “disqualifying” is carried out by having the person obtain a National Criminal History Check (police check).

Reviewing the disclosable court outcomes that are displayed on the criminal record check will assist the service provider who is making the decision to hire the driver to make an informed decision based on the eligibility of an applicant to be the driver of a public vehicle like a taxi, hire-car or rideshare vehicle.

Public vehicle driver applicants must state “Driver Accreditation/ Licensing” as the purpose of the check on their national police check application form for it to be accepted by the New South Wales government.

What are disqualifying offences for public vehicle drivers in NSW?

Disqualifying offences for driver accreditation or licencing in NSW fall under the categories shown below:

Further information on disqualifying offences can be found on the NSW Government website below:

Name of Government Screening Unit in NSWWebsite Link to Government Screening UnitWebsite Link to
Government Screening Unit
NSW Point to Point Transport Commissionerhttps://www.pointtopoint.

Driver Accreditation & Police Checks in South Australia (SA)

To drive a commercial passenger vehicle, a truck or other vehicles for hire, a person must obtain a driver accreditation. Driver accreditations in South Australia (SA) can be obtained by persons who meet the following criteria:

✔ Have been driving for a minimum of six months in Australia

✔ Hold an unrestricted Social Australian Driver’s License.

✔ are sufficiently comfortable with Speaking, reading or writing English

✔ are eligible to work legally in Australia; citizens or as stated by the passport type.

What documents will you provide to get a Driver accreditation?

For all those seeking to apply for a Driver accreditation in South Australia, here are the categories available;

✔ Taxi (TX)

✔ Small Passenger (SP)

✔ Large Passenger (LP)

✔ Motorcycle (MC)

✔ Horse Drawn (HD)

However, having a serious offence on your National Criminal History Check can harm your application. It becomes severe if you were convicted of a driving offence, license disqualifications or suspensions.

A Driver accreditation in SA generally lasts for at least three years, where after you can renew them.

Further information can be found on the South Australia (SA) government website:

Name of Government Screening Unit in SAWebsite Link to Government Screening Unit:Website Link to
Government Screening Unit:/th>
Accreditation and Licensing Centre

Driver Accreditation and National Police Checks in Victoria (VIC)

If you are going to carry more than one passenger for a paid trip in a vehicle (bus, car, etc.), you must obtain a driver accreditation, as you fall under the CPV service. You can be eligible for a driver accreditation in VIC if you;

You may apply for your Driver accreditation application using the CPVV User Portal address after creating an account with them.

If you possess an accredited commercial vehicle driver accreditation from another state or territory in Australia or New Zealand, you can apply for a mutual recognition.

How long do Criminal History Checks for driver accreditations in Victoria take?

Accredited bodies like Australian National Character Check (ANCC®) generally process 95 per cent of police checks for Victorian applicants within 10 business days. Most checks issued by ANCC® are returned to applicants within 24 to 48 hours with the remainder that get referred for manual processing taking longer.Who needs to apply for a driver accreditation criminal history check in Victoria (VIC)?Further information can be found on the Victorian (VIC) government website:

Name of Government Screening Unit in VICWebsite Link to Government Screening Unit:Website Link to
Government Screening Unit:/th>
Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria

Driver Accreditation and Criminal Record Checks in Queensland (QLD)

The State legislation in QLD expects anyone who intends to drive a Commercial vehicle with one or more passengers to meet certain requirements through a driver accreditation or operator accreditation.

All drivers in the Commercial Passenger Vehicle CPV must obtain a Driver authorisation or an Operator accreditation (operators of CPVs) in Queensland.

The Categories for driver authorization are;

Categories for entities that can hold an operator authorization are;To obtain a Driver authorization in QLD, you must provide a;

Driver Accreditation Suitability Checks using National Criminal History Checks in QLD

Operator/Driver Accreditations may in some instances be refused if persons in QLD have been convicted of an offence that is considered to be a disqualifying offence.

The applicant’s previous conducts with regard to the operation of the public vehicle passenger service (e.g. Taxi, Hire Car Bus, Rideshare, and co) is taken into account by QLD authorities when assessing an applicant’s suitability to hold operator accreditation in QLD.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is the department that is responsible to verify the criminal history of persons who are listed on the accreditation application prior to the application being finalised and the accreditation being handed. The public vehicle accreditation will likely be refused if an applicant or entity who has applied to obtain a public vehicle accreditation has been convicted of an offence that is a disqualifying offence.

A disqualifying offence in a national criminal history check for driver accreditation in QLD may be regarded as one or more of the following:

Further information can be found on the Queensland (QLD) government website:

Name of Government Screening Unit in QLDWebsite Link to Government Screening Unit:Website Link to
Government Screening Unit:/th>
Public Passenger Transport Services

Driver Accreditation & Police Clearance Checks in Western Australia (WA)

The Passenger Transport driver authorization is the legal accreditation in WA that permits and regulates drivers who drive a vehicle for rewards. The WA requests some Checks and other licenses before they accredit a driver or an operator.

✔ Driver's License or equivalent from another jurisdiction for three years

Western Australia (WA) National Police Clearance

Applicants based in WA must state “Driver Accreditation/ Licensing” as the purpose of the police check on their police check application form. This is important for the check to be accepted by the Western Australia (WA) Government.

✔ Medical assessment/fitness evaluation

You can apply for a Driver accreditation in WA if

After submitting the required documents and Checks, the Department of Transport will assess your suitability for a Driver accreditation and will contact you through your mail.

There is no set date for when an applicant may receive their Driver accreditation due to;
An applicant must pay the annual authorization fees when their PTD is up for renewal
You can apply for a Passenger Transport driver Authorization online through the DoTDirect link and can verify your Driver’s License through the Driver License Check online

Driver Accreditation Character Suitability using National Criminal History Checks in WA

Apart from other evaluations, the WA PTD authorisation service tests for your character suitability for the role. For example;

Disqualifying criminal record offences for driver accreditation in WA may include and are not limited to:Further information can be found on the Western Australia (WA) government website:
Name of Government Screening Unit in WAWebsite Link to Government Screening Unit:Website Link to
Government Screening Unit:/th>
Department of Transporthttps://www.transport.

Driver Accreditation & WWVP Checks in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Under the Road Transporting (Driver Licensing) Regulation 2000, all public vehicle driver license applicants must meet the basic eligibility requirement to be able to convey passengers. To qualify for a public vehicle driver license, applicants must;

The categories for public transport vehicles in the ACT are;
For the O category, the applicant must have completed a full C or higher class license, plus 1-year general operation in the last three yearsMutual recognition for those who hold an interstate (CPV) accreditation may be granted if the applicant meets the following;Applicants for public vehicle driver accreditation can apply through the Access Canberra application portal.

Working with Vulnerable People Registration and National Police Checks in the ACT

To obtain public vehicle driver accreditation in the ACT, you must obtain a WWVP Check and not a national police check. The Working with Vulnerable People Registration and a National Police Check are two different kinds of checks.

The Working with Vulnerable People Registration (WWVP Check) is a check that is an ongoing assessment of a candidate's eligibility to work with the vulnerable person in society and involves a check of criminal history (including spent convictions, pending and non-conviction charges) and other disciplinary and police related information.

On the other hand, a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (Police check) is a point in time check (no set expiry date) and is only current on the day of issue. It is a list of offences from a person's national criminal record which is disclosed in accordance with the spent convictions scheme.

WWVP checks are only useful for roles that have direct or indirect access to vulnerable persons and therefore mandate workers to hold a WWVP check card in the ACT.

Driver Accreditation and National Police Checks in the Northern Territory (NT)

An application for a CPV in the (NT) is valid for 5 years for any driver who chooses to transport passenger(s) for a paid service. Accreditations are non-transferrable and can be withdrawn or refused if you are guilty of a serious conviction in Australia.

The process of issuing a driver with a Commercial Passenger Vehicle driver accreditation in NT includes both physical and mental evaluation.

To apply for a CPV accreditation in Northern Territories Australia, you must;

For companies or Corporations

If a company or corporate body, and co, become an operator in the CPV, they must provide an Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) to identify all partners/directors/managers.

They will be refused an Operator Accreditation if;Applicants and other interested operators can apply for a Commercial Passenger Vehicle accreditation via mail, in-person or online after completing the application form.

Driver Accreditation Fit and proper assessment and disqualifying offences in the NT

The following offences (including and not limited to) may disqualify a person from holding a driver accreditation when they appear on their national police check certificate:

A disqualifying offence will not prevent you from driving or operating if you fit one of the following:


The National Police Check has become a national document to improve risk mitigation strategy, improve work relations, and know criminal history for persons in charge of making decisions for the safety of the broader community. It is also important for getting a Commercial Passenger Driver Accreditation in various states and territories accessories Australia. Police check certificates for the purpose of Driver Accreditation / Licensing can be obtained by Australian National Character Check.


The material on this webpage is for general information only. The material does not reflect all the technicalities of the relevant law in your state or territory and you should seek legal advice in relation to your individual circumstances. Australian National Character Check does not accept any liability for any action taken in reliance on this webpage. If you need advice, please contact the local licensing and accreditation government screening unit of your state or territory.