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Criminal Record Check

Start a new Police Check

A national criminal record check can be obtained online via the Australian National Character Check website.

Most criminal record checks are dispatched to applicants within 24 to 48 hours, with the remaining that get referred for manual processing taking longer.

Applicants can obtain a criminal record check online for a base price of $48.90. Payment options include debit card, credit card or PayPal.

Many employers, licensing agencies, and other organizations want to make the proper decisions about whom they employ/engage/offer licenses to, and the Criminal Record Check will offer them insights into the character of the individual.

Criminal Record Checks may be referred to using different names; this does not affect the validity of the certificate. The certificate issued by accredited agencies like Australian National Character Check. Other names which mean the same as a criminal record clearance are;

  • Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check

  • Police Clearance

  • Background Criminal Check

  • Police Check

  • Police Criminal History Check

How do I Check my Criminal Record online in Australia?

Applying for your criminal record online is the fastest, easiest and a secure means of obtaining it. The online police check application form remains one of the most popular and quickest ways to apply for the Criminal Record Check.

The online application can be completed from the comfort of your home using a PC, tablet or mobile device. As long as your device is connected to a stable internet source, the application will take less than 5 minutes.

All completed and successful applications will receive an email of their criminal record certificate within 24 and 48 hours. The remaining that get referred automatically for manual processing will take between 3 to 15 days. Instant SMS updates will also be sent via the phone number provided.

If you want the hardcopy of your criminal record clearance, you can request it through the link, but for an additional fee.

How long is my Criminal Record Check valid?

A Criminal Record Check certificate can be used up as long as possible (point-in-time check). It is one of those certificates that does not have a set expiry date. A Criminal Record can only become void if the requesting party deems it, following their internal risk mitigation policies.

However, most organisations/persons normally decline criminal record checks that are older than 3 months, depending on their discretion.

Although the State legislation or Constitution do not dictate how any organisation interprets an individual’s Check, it supervises related actions and policies. For certain roles or positions, it is compulsory to obtain a Criminal Record Check certificate. Some of these roles are;

  • Roles that involve the care of children. Note that working with children checks and a criminal record check are two different kinds of checks.

  • Care of the old and vulnerable like a police check for aged care workers.

  • Teachers/professors

  • Rural Fireman Service

  • Medical care

  • Financial roles

  • Solicitors, welfare reps, and many others

How much does it cost to obtain a Criminal Record Check?

When applying for a Criminal Record Check, you will be prompted to choose the purpose.

You must select the appropriate purpose for the Check, as they cannot be used interchangeably.

The base price for obtaining a valid Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check is $48.90 per order. Remittances can be made through any of our online means including PayPal, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and so on.

Our payment options are easy, secure, accompanied by competent Customer service.

Can a Third-party obtain a Criminal Check on my behalf? Can I obtain a Check for another person?

A third party may cover the cost for your Criminal Record Check. They can do this by reimbursing your original payment, or via the police check business portal. You get the result mailed back to you electronically.

If you want to engage a person in a sensitive role such as a babysitter, nanny, working with vulnerable, etc. you may request an updated Check from the person, with their informed consent.

Organisations or Corporate bodies may take up the cost and processing of the Check for their employee. Australian National Character Check can help organisations obtain valid Criminal Record Checks for all their employees or potential employees via a streamlined police check business portal that enables ordering, tracking and viewing police check results.

However, when a Criminal Record check is processed for an employee, the organisation must do this with their "informed consent". It is unlawful to handle an individual's Criminal Record Check without their consent.

Informed consents guides and informs the individual about how their Criminal Records will be utilised, including whom, where and purposes.

What is shown in my Criminal Record Check Online?

There are two possible outcomes in which your Criminal Record Online can return, either as;

No Disclosable Court Outcome (NDCO): An applicant has “passed” their National Police Check, and has no offence considered releasable by the State and the Police authorities.

Disclosable Court outcomes (DCOs): The applicant has convictions and offences in the criminal databases deemed releasable and relevant to the purpose for which the Check was requested.

An applicant with a Disclosable Court Outcome should not be discouraged from applying from the roles/job they aspire. Criminal Records are only another requirement for recruitment; it still depends on how the organisation interprets the results.

If you have applied for a Criminal Record Check, here are some offences you can expect to see. However, the disclosed offences are not limited to these;

  • Convictions/Charges against corporate organisations

  • Sexually related offences

  • Traffic charges for which an individual is convicted

  • Sentences and Convictions

  • Pending court charges and offences

  • Offences not under the Spent Convictions Scheme of the State or Territory

  • Other convictions stipulated by a court as disclosable on the individual’s Check

Certain offences/convictions may be omitted from an individual’s Criminal Record Check, depending on the “seriousness” of the offences, or conditions stipulated by the Court sentencing and State or Territory legislation.

Some of the conditions for these offences to be considered as spent are;

  • Ten (10) consecutive years of "waiting period" elapsed since the person was convicted of the crime (in an adult court).

  • Five (5) consecutive years of "waiting period" (3 in NSW) elapsed since the person was convicted of the crime (in a youth court/as a juvenile).

  • The individual must not be convicted of any punishable offence during this waiting period, or the period restarts

  • If a jail term is imposed, the crime-free period begins after the jail term

  • Convictions stipulated by the court to be considered as Spent if the individual meets Special conditions (community works, therapy, self-quarantine, and co.)

However, not all convictions are considered spent even if the above conditions are satisfied. Convictions on any of these offences are not subject to the Spent Convictions Scheme, and will always show up (where applicable) in your Criminal Record Checks.

  • Convictions for sexually related offences

  • Convictions against corporate organisations and institutions

  • Convictions stated by the regulations

  • Convictions for which a prison sentence of more than six months is imposed

Convictions not Shown in a Criminal Record Check?

Together with Spent Convictions, some offences or infringements may not come up in Criminal Record Checks.

  • Findings of non-guilt.

  • Convictions outside the country.

  • Diversion programs.

  • Punitive measures by third party institutions or other professional bodies/unions.

  • Offences outside the jurisdiction of Australian police agencies/courts

Is my Criminal Record Check valid in all Australian States?

A Criminal Record Check issued by Australian National Character Check is valid in all states and territories in Australia. It is also valid for applicants in the following areas:

If applicants require a check that is issued by a state or territory Police Force, this can only be obtained directly through the Criminal Records Section of your State or Territory police force. Australian National Character Check is not affiliated with State or Territory Police Forces and applicants must obtain one directly through their website. This may also require you to have your identification documents certified via approved personnel that can certify ID documents. Applicants should allow a minimum of 10 business days for a check by state or territory police forces to be issued.

Can my Criminal Record Check certificate take longer than 3 days?

When you apply online for a Criminal Record Check, the electronic copy is normally sent to your mail within 3 business days. During the police check application, you can request for a hard copy (the soft copy is still valid and presentable).

However, some applications may be flagged for manual review during the application process; this will delay your police check result. If an application is flagged for manual review, an official from the National Criminal Check database must supervise the Check process.

When do I need to update my Criminal Record Check?

Most people apply for a nationally coordinated criminal history check (ncchc) when they want to apply for a job (if it was long since they last applied). However, some corporate bodies (as stipulated by state’s laws) request their employees to provide updated Checks every few months, yearly or quarterly depending on their risk mitigation strategies.

If you are convicted of an offence during a waiting period, you should apply for an updated Check, and submit it to your employer.

Why do corporate bodies need a Criminal Record Check certificate?

Recruitment decisions are never easy for any company. And together with an applicant's technical skills and suitability for the role, employers must also consider behavioural traits.

Criminal Record Checks helps the employer to make informed and “legitimate” decisions about an employee's psychological, emotional and physical suitability for the role.

Australian National Character Check offers a wide range of services and options for corporate bodies to obtain, inspect and verify a Police Check with the individual’s permission.

Our online criminal background check portal provides a 24 hours service every day of the year to attend to whatever needs of our clients.

Who can apply for a Criminal Record Check?

  •  All persons seeking employment, licensing or accreditation in Australia (permanent and those with work permits, student visas and co)

  •  People under the age of 18 with the written consent of their guardian or ward

  •  Anyone seeking a role in a sensitive position

  •  People who want to confirm their police criminal records