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NDIS Worker Screening Checks

People living with a disability require little assistance in carrying out their daily activities, including non-domestic. Many agencies and organisations invest in risk assessed roles and it has become quite an industry.

However, people who work closely to people with a disability mustn't pose any risk to them. The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) supports people who live with a disability (permanent and significant) including their non-domestic welfare. Activities of the NDIS are managed and enforced by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

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What is a NDIS Worker Screening Check?

When an individual applies in any role under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, they must undertake a risk assessment check for the NDIS to make informed decisions whether a person poses unacceptable risks to people with disability.

The check is quite distinct from the National Police Checks (NPC). And it is handled by the government screening units of the NDIS.

This newly improved NDIS Worker screening check is valid for up to 5 years from the point of issue.

Difference between a National Police Check and an NDIS Worker Screening Check

It is important to note that a Police Check and an NDIS Worker Screening Check are two different checks.

There are various differences between the Checks and chief of them is that an NDIS worker screening check takes into account more information about an individual than just their criminal record.

A National Police Check is a point in time check; it contains a list of all Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCOs) of an individual in Australia. Also, all records are released in accordance with the Spent Convictions Scheme.

On the other hand, the NDIS Worker screening Check helps mitigate and expunge the risks to people with disability from the people who provide them with assistance. An NDIS check takes into account more risk factors than a national police check. The factors considered in an NDIS Check consider criminal history, workplace misconduct, AVOS, information about past employment, juvenile offences and any other relevant information that may determine whether a worker poses a risk to a person with disability. The NDIS workers screening check is only useful for people who apply for roles under the NDIS.

Who needs an NDIS worker screening Check?

All workers seeking to work in roles that involve care for people with a disability (irrespective of the degree) must approach the NDIS for a worker screening check. The checks are also national and will enable screened workers to deliver support services in other states and territory in Australia. The NDIS workers screening check is the priority document for those involved in NDIS related work.

Do my employees need to have an NDIS Worker Screening Check?

The NDIS is an assessment of the potential risks in employing people for roles that have to do with the care of people with disability. These people are vulnerable and need all the assistance they can get, including assessing those who work with them.

As an organisation that provides services under the NDIS, ensure that all employees/volunteers under your organisation undergo the mandatory clearance by the NDIS worker screening units in charge of the relevant State or Territory. The worker screening units also make decisions on whether a person is cleared, excluded or prohibited.

However, if the NDIS Worker Screening Check has not commenced or is temporarily unavailable, registered NDIS providers should ensure their workers in risk assessed roles have an acceptable check. "Acceptable Checks" for workers in the NDIS roles must conform with the transitional and special arrangements that apply to the State or territory where they provide support and services.

What is an acceptable check?

Workers who do not have an NDIS worker screening certificate can apply for an acceptable check. It allows the individual to temporarily work in certain roles without NDIS screening. Also, it is only valid in the state or territory where the Check was issued.

Only in special circumstances, the acceptable checks remain valid after the commencement of the NDIS worker screening check (transition period).

What does the transition period expire?

The transition period is a period where the transitional and special arrangements will begin to apply for each State or Territory. NDIS workers or providers are encouraged to do away with acceptable checks and embrace the new and comprehensive NDIS worker screening checks.

In NSW and SA; the transition period commenced on 1st July, 2018 and in other states (asides WA), 1st July 2019. The transition period for all states and territory will expire 31st January 2021.

Are acceptable checks transferrable or national?

Acceptable checks are not transferable or portable through the different states in Australia. Until a worker gets their NDIS worker screening clearance, they must have an "acceptable check" in any State where they seek to provide support and services to people with disabilities.

How can I apply for an NDIS Worker Screening Check?

Both workers engaged in NDIS services, unregistered NDIS providers and self-managed providers will be able to apply for an NDIS Worker Screening Check through their state or territory government screening unit.

All of these agencies have a 'worker screening unit'. The unit is responsible for accepting and processing all NDIS Worker screening check applications from workers and conducts the risk assessment or tests to determine whether a worker should receive clearance.

Note that the application will not proceed to assessment until the relevant and registered NDIS provider or self-managed participant verifies the application.

NDIS providers should ensure that all of their workers, volunteers and relevant partners have an NDIS Worker Screening Check or an acceptable check under the transitional and special arrangements. These Checks/procedures obviate unacceptable risks or dangers from workers to people with disability.

Can I confirm the clearance status of my worker?

The NDIS has a worker screening database which will hold the register of workers who have applied for an NDIS worker screening check. Also, registered NDIS providers will be able to access the commission portal of the NDIS to view the clearance status of workers in the database.

The option is equally available to self-managed participants and unregistered providers. However, they will need to complete an application form to request access to the NDIS worker screening database. These forms are available in all state and territory NDIS worker screening units.

NDIS Check New South Wales (NSW)

All registered NDIS providers must request an NDIS worker screening check from their workers or accept checks in Australia.

Acceptable checks include a Criminal record check done before the 1st of July 2018, and shows that the person has not committed a criminal offence within the meaning of the inclusion act 2014.

Risk assessment checks such as a current NSW working with children check obtained during the transition period can be an acceptable check.

NDIS support workers can register and request a Check from

NDIS Check South Australia (SA)

Workers who seek to work in NDIS included roles in SA must obtain NDIS workers screening Check from this portal

However, some acceptable checks before the transition periods include;

NDIS Check Victoria (VIC)

Registered NDIS agencies in Victoria must ensure their workers must obtain an NDIS worker screening Check before or while employed in roles covered by the NDIS regulations.

Persons involved in NDIS roles should apply for NDIS workers screening Check through this website

Acceptable checks include;

NDIS Check Queensland (QLD)

Anyone in Queensland (QLD) seeking to work in roles subsumed in the NDIS, they must obtain the NDIS worker screening check. It is issued by the agency present in your state and is mandatory. No acceptable checks are valid after the transition period except on special conditions.

Workers based in QLD can get their NDIS worker screening check from the following link:

NDIS Screening Check Tasmania (TAS)

All registered NDIS providers that deliver support and services in Tasmania must ensure that all their workers provide or have registered for their NDIS workers screening Check. Acceptable checks will remain valid if it is obtained during the transition period.

You can obtain an NDIS screening check Tasmania from

NDIS Check Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

People who want to provide support and services included in the NDIS must register for their NDIS workers screening check. You can access registration via the website

An acceptable check must include the "working with vulnerable people check (WWVP)" and this registration should allow them to engage in the role.

NDIS Checks Northern Territory (NT)

All registered NDIS providers in the NT must ensure that any of their workers in a risk-assessed role should provide or have registered for NDIS workers screening Check. All unregistered workers engaged in risk assessed roles can register through this website

NDIS Check: Western Australia (WA)

Workers and volunteers involved in all NDIS stipulated roles must ensure that their workers especially those in risk assessed roles obtain an NDIS worker screening Check. The checks can be obtained from

Acceptable checks in WA can include;

A WA National Police Clearance certificate:

National Police Check

In some states and territories, Police Checks are considered as acceptable checks where there is no NDIS Check.

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Business, enterprise and Australian government agencies can order Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks for their employees through our police check business portal.

Australian National Character Check does not offer or provide NDIS worker screening check services.