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Gig Economy Police Checks in Australia

Australian National Character Check (ANCC) makes it simple for Gig Economy workers like rideshare drivers, delivery drivers and others to obtain their Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check online.

Most checks are dispatched to applicants within 24 hours with the remaining that get referred for manual processing taking longer.

The application process can be completed online and police check results are dispatched via email. An optional hard copy certificate can be requested.

Individual applicants (e.g. gig economy drivers) can apply for their Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check using the online police check application form.

Gig Economy companies can streamline the ordering, tracking and payments of police checks using ANCC’s business portal for police checks. Join the many local and international businesses that use ANCC’s business portal to streamline Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks.

Page Contents

Introduction to Australia’s Gig Economy

Even among less tech savvy nations, the gig economy is taking various industries in the economy by storm. As technology advances and physical/social barriers make physical processes difficult, the gig economy continues to rise rapidly. Even among less tech savvy nations, the gig economy is taking various industries in the economy by storm. As technology advances and physical/social barriers make physical processes difficult, the gig economy continues to rise rapidly.

The Gig economy in Australia is growing more than expected, and the government is not wavering in the responsibility of providing security and better welfare.

A beautiful feature of the gig economy is how it espouses the core tenets of capitalism and merits. Mostly qualified/talented individuals perform the "closely contested" jobs, most times through mini bidding like in freelancing. However, it could lead to higher risks of fraud, crime or impersonation; since the contract between both parties are usually short term (e.g. Uber drivers and passengers, freelance nanny, and co).

Many young Australians are likely to move into the gig economy for temporary or part time work.

Building public trust in the Gig economy

When frauds or other misdemeanours occur in the gig economy, the public becomes increasingly sceptical towards them in future. Plus with constant acts like this, the public may even begin to intimate a pattern to them. This is why trust is a bigger issue in non-traditional institutions like the gig economy.

As a company providing a gig platform or as an employer of gig workers, there are measures you can take to stump out crime and other frauds on your platform. The most credible and trusted of these measures is a police check in Australia.

What is a Police Check Australia?

A Police Check certificate in Australia contains the entire criminal and Police records of an individual deemed releasable by that state or territory.

A Police Check can have only two possible outcomes;

Disclosable Court Outcome (DCOs) or No-Disclosable Court Outcomes (NDCOs).

Police Checks have become required criteria before employment into most organisations in Australia. In services such as rideshare or delivery driver services like Uber, Ola, Menulog, Didi, etc, the government makes it a mandatory requirement for drivers to undergo a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check.

Who can request a Police Check in Australia?

All persons that intend to obtain employment, volunteering, licensing or accreditation in Australia can apply for a criminal background check. However, it becomes pressing when such individual wants to enter the gig economy especially in areas like;

Where can I request a valid Police Check Australia for the gig economy?

Applicants can apply via a local police authority or via an accredited service like ANCC.

Getting a Police Check through the local police authorities may be cumbersome. The process may not be completely online and you may be required to get your identification documents certified or attested.

The application process tends to be easier and faster than laid out above when you apply through the online platforms of Australian National Character Check (ANCC). Individuals can get their Police Check results in as quick as a few hours.

Not only is our process easy, but the application is also straightforward. It can be completed within 10 or so minutes.

We also provide a host of customer support services and solutions to any problems applicants might encounter.

What is shown on my Criminal Record Check certificate?

If you have ever been convicted of an offence in Australia (with or without sentencing) it will appear on your Police Check result, except where stipulated by the court.

A Police Check certificate can return as either a

No Disclosable Court Outcome (NDCO): The individual has no conviction at all or that is considered releasable by the State.

Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCOs): It contains details and a list of an individual's convictions and offences in Australia.

If your result comes out with DCOs, here are the kinds of convictions you will expect for a Police Check for the gig economy;

However, offences that qualify for the spent charge scheme are removed from an individual’s Police Check certificate. Spent Charges may differ by states and the purpose for the Police Checks.

For an offence to be considered Spent, some conditions that must be met include;If any of your convictions meet the above criteria, it should reflect as a Spent offence in your updated Criminal Background Check.

However, some offences may never be considered as "Spent" due to the offences and purpose of the Checks. Some of these offences are;The results of your Police Check should not be a self-hindrance when applying for any position. Always seek to improve yourself, build relationships, network better, and be honest you're your clients.

What is not shown on a Criminal Background Check in Australia?

When you have requested a Police Check, you don't have to be scared of the results. It may not even be half as bad as you hoped; not all offences are considered "serious" enough to be included in a Police Check Australia.

Some offences will not show up in your Police Check certificate like;

Where is the Criminal History Check for Gig Economy workers valid?

When you are entering the gig economy, most of your operations will be within Australia. Your Police Check Australia is officially issued by Australian Police authorities and contains details of your convictions in all States and Territories of Australia.

The Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check certificate for gig economy workers is a national check and takes into account convictions or sentences from the following states and territories:

✔ Criminal records in Tasmania (TAS)

✔ Criminal history in New South Wales (NSW)

✔ Criminal records in Queensland (QLD)

✔ Criminal records in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

✔ Criminal records in Victoria (VIC)

✔ Criminal records in the state of Western Australia (WA)

✔ Criminal records in the Northern Territory (NT)

So your Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check obtained from ANCC will be valid in all the states and territories of Australia.

How long is a Police Check for Gig Economy workers valid for?

Whether as an Uber driver, a freelance writer, delivery driver, or whatever part of the gig economy, the validity of a Police Check depends mostly on the requesting organisation. A Police Check is a point-in-time Check; valid from the point of issue till an updated Check is obtained.

However, the gig providing platform (Uber, Ola, Fiverr, etc.) may stipulate the maximum validity period for the Police Checks submitted to them depending on their internal risk mitigation strategy. For most brands, it is usually between 3 and 6 months.

The government hardly interferes in matters such as the age limits of Police Checks but encourages brands to apply sensible measures.

However, if you are convicted of an offence between the period before you obtain an updated check, you must request a new Police Check, and inform your client or gig providing company. Gig providing platforms should also encourage users to provide updated Police Checks within reasonable periods.

Can a Police Check take longer than 48 hours?

ANCC returns over 80% of completed and successful check results to applicants within 24 to 48 hours.

However, about 20% of applications are not completed by the national check authorities within the expected period and may take longer. If this happens, it means the application is flagged for a "manual review" and is outside of ANCC’s control.

The check algorithm compares the applicant's info with the details in the Australian Criminal National Database. Any error in the applicant's data will lead to the application being flagged for "manual review".

If an application is under “manual review”, it may cause a delay of between 3 and 15 business days, until the official is satisfied.

We understand that a manual review will likely affect your income (delays) in the gig economy. That is why we encourage applicants to allow adequate time when applying for their national police clearance and provide up to date and correct information.

It is blatantly impossible for us (or any others) to know which applications will be flagged for "manual review". However, in such rare cases, we provide the applicants with useful help and data and follow up on the delay till it is resolved.

How to apply for a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check for the gig economy

More than the traditional economy, the gig economy is depleting the barriers between services and customer satisfaction. However, people should not only be comfortable through the service you offer to them, but they should also feel safe and secure.

Applying for a Police Check places you on a higher rating in the “trusted” providers. With a few documents in a few steps, you can meet this.

The information every applicant must provide are;

✔ All names; including aliases, monikers, and maiden names

✔ Address (es) of all residential places ever stayed over the past five years.

✔ Date of Birth

✔ Four forms of Identification documents and a biometric link to establish linkage to the documents and also to establish liveness.

Steps for applying for an Australian Police Check certificate on the Australian National Character Check portal are;

  1. Using your internet-enabled device, log on to through a secure browser to the

  2. Select Start a New Check in the options and Proceed to answer the questions

  3. Choose the correct purpose of the National Police Certificate (if you select a wrong purpose, you may have to pay for a new one)

  4. Fill the required fields correctly and carefully (including your preferred e-mail and mail address)

  5. Pay the stipulated fee that appears using any of our advanced online paying options (PayPal, Credit card, Debit Cards, MasterCard, and co.)

  6. Upload your identification documents

  7. Cross-Check the information you have provided before submitting

What happens if I fail my Police Check?

Depending on the branch of the gig economy you offer service, your Criminal Record Check may be rejected by the platform. However, this should not be the end of your journey. Build networks, seek alternative means or register with alternative platforms that are more lenient. Also, treat old time clients well, they are the best customers you will ever get.

Failing a Police Check does not mean giving up or moping about it. There are still other areas of the gig economy you can take a hold of like freelance writing, video editing, graphics design and other areas that may not have contact with vulnerable people or have strict criminal record screening requirements.

Wrapping Up

Australian National Character Check (ANCC) makes it easier for individuals and businesses who need a Police Check for the purpose of gig economy work.

Decision makers can also verify the authenticity of a Check through the "Verify a Check” option.