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Start a new Police Check

How do I get a Police Check Online?

Applicants can obtain a Police Check Online in the comfort of their home or within their workplace. The online police check application can be completed using a mobile, tablet or PC. Applicants receive the police clearance certificate via email. An instant sms notification is also sent when the results of the police check online have been dispatched via email.

How long does it take to get a Police Check Online?

The online police check application can be completed within a few minutes. After lodgement, over 70% of applicants get their police clearance certificate returned within one to three business days. The remaining get referred for manual processing and may take up to 15+ business days.

How much does it cost to obtain a Police Check Online?

The base price to obtain a police check online is $46.00. You can pay securely using PayPal, debit or credit card.

Where is my Police Check Online valid?

A Police Check Online is a National Police Check. The online police clearance displays all court outcomes that are considered releasable by Australian police agencies in accordance with spent convictions legislation. When you apply for a police check online, you are also applying for the following:

Police Check New South Wales (NSW)
Police Check Victoria (VIC)
Police Check Western Australia (WA)
Police Check Queensland (QLD)
Police Clearance South Australia (SA)
Police Check Tasmania (TAS)
Police Check Northern Territory (NT)
Police Check Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Is the Police Check Online different to the one I can get at a local police station?

We access the same central government database as local police stations to issue police checks online.

There is no difference in the legitimacy of a police check online issued by a local police station and Australian National Character Check.

An applicant may notice small differences in the formatting of the police clearance certificate, however both are equally valid. Applicants that apply through Australian National Character Check do however experience the substantial difference in speed and efficiency when obtaining their police clearance online. Majority of police checks are returned to applicants within one to three business days. Results are instantly emailed on the same business day they are received.Overall, applicants save time and cost when applying for their police check online.

Can I use my previous Police Check Online?

Due to spent convictions legislation, police agencies may only release criminal history records that relate to the purpose of the police check.

If you have an existing police clearance certificate, you need to consider when the certificate was issued and if the police certificate covers the specific risks of that role.

For example, if you have a police certificate for the purpose of “access to sensitive information” and you are being placed into a role with direct access to vulnerable people, then the original police check would not cover the new role and an updated police check online is required specifying the new role.