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Police Check Queensland (QLD)

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Australian National Character Check™ makes obtaining a Queensland police clearance certificate simple. The QLD police check application can be completed securely from your computer, mobile or tablet.

Most Queensland (QLD) police checks are returned to applicants within one to three business days.

Applicants can pay securely via credit card, debit card or PayPal.

What is a Police Check Queensland?

A police check QLD is a collation of police and conviction history information about an individual that has been determined releasable by Queensland and national police agencies in Australia.

The QLD police check certificate contains releasable criminal records and convictions of an individual, issued by Australian police agencies in accordance with the spent convictions scheme. The certificate is a result of a search on the national name index with all current and previously known names, date of birth, addresses and other items that the applicant provides as part of their police check application. Information on the spent convictions scheme can be found here.

Whether you are based in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or any other region of Queensland (QLD) this check will be suitable if you are using it for the purpose of employment, volunteering, licensing or registration schemes in Australia.

How to apply for a Police Check Queensland?

If there is a request for your police check QLD, there are two ways you can obtain it:

Australian National Character Check can help you to fast-track the process of getting your Police Check Queensland with our reliable and efficient online application service. Overall, applicants experience speed and efficiency when applying for their police check online.

The process for applying online for your police check Queensland is as follows:

How long is a Police Check QLD Valid?

Your Police Check Queensland does not have a set period of validity; it is considered valid up till the date of issue. However, the requesting party can state how often you should provide them. A police check QLD is a point in time check, meaning it has no set expiry date. Most organisations in Queensland don't accept a criminal history check that is older than three months, however this timeframe will vary for different employers and will depend on the organisation's internal risk mitigation strategies.

What is the maximum waiting period for getting a Police Check Queensland?

Most police check qld applications are dispatched to applicants within 24 hours when you apply online. The official certificate is sent directly to the email address that was provided in the police check application form. However, if there is a need for ‘manual review’ by Australian police agencies, the date of issuance may be extended. Manual reviews are referred automatically and may occur when there is a semblance between an applicant’s information on the police criminal history database, for example if there is a person in the country with the same name or similar name to the applicant and is of interest to Australian police agencies. This process may push back the application for a period of around 1 to 15+ business days. It should be noted that official agencies like Australian National Character Check have no control over applications that are referred for manual processing. Results are dispatched on the same day they are received.

Why companies request for a Police check Queensland

There are numerous reasons why you may be required to present your Police Check Queensland before an employer or person responsible for decision making. Most employers will ask for a copy of this certificate before they provide employment or award a contract to an individual. Australian National Character Check is an official agency in issuing QLD police clearance checks.

A Police Check QLD helps to contribute towards community safety. It does so by providing decision makers with accurate and timely criminal history information. It contains a disclosable record of the criminal history of an individual or a potential employee (if any).

It is bad business strategy and branding to employ a person whose past convictions may put an establishment in danger.Customers want to do business with a brand that distances itself from all forms of vices and unprofessional conducts. Employing people with questionable records may cause unrest amongst your customers.

What will show up on a Police Check Queensland?

The contents of QLD police clearance certificates contain but are not limited to:

What will not show up on a Police Check Queensland?

Offences characterised as spent findings will not show up on a person’s QLD Police Check record. Spent convictions are exclusively approved by the state or national judiciary.

Convictions can be eligible to be spent if:

Convictions in Queensland (QLD) are not eligible to be considered as spent when:

Accredited National Police Clearance Certificate for Queensland

Australian National Character Check is an accredited service approved by the Australian Federal Government to conduct nationally coordinated criminal history checks.

The criminal record check issued by Australian National Character Check is valid nationwide and hence within Queensland (QLD).

A police check Queensland is actually a National Police Check. When you apply for a police check Queensland, in essence you are also applying for the following:

Police Check NSW
Police Check Victoria
Police Check SA
Police Check Tasmania
Police Check NT
Police Check WA
Police Check ACT

Police Check QLD for business and workplaces

We provide a 100% online solution for businesses and workplaces to meet employer compliance requirements when hiring or recruiting new staff. Contact us today to find out how Australian National Character Check can help make your organisation safer and compliant.

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Police Check Online Police Check Online Police Check Online Police Check Online Police Check Online
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Most QLD police checks are back within one to three business days

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