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Information about VEVO Checks in Australia

A VEVO check or Visa Entitlement Verification Online is the service for Australian employers, organisations, and other institutions to verify and validate visa conditions and work right details for workers in Australia. A VEVO check is commonly referred to asa “right to work check” in Australia.

VEVO Checks in Australia

A VEVO check helps to ensure workers have legal work rights in Australia. Below are important factors that a VEVO check reveals:

Fines for employing Illegal Workers in Australia

VEVO checks assist Australian employers to verify the work rights of their staff. Companies found hiring employees that are working illegally may have to pay a fine of up to $315,000 which is enforced by the Department of Home Affairs.

The Department of Home Affairs can also carry out serious penalties for persons working illegally in Australia. Persons without legal work rights may be fined up to $63,000, imprisonment of five years, or both.

Do I need to carry out a VEVO Check for all employees?

Australian citizens have unlimited rights to work in Australia. A VEVO check cannot be used to confirm this. Australian citizens can provide a copy of their Australian citizenshipcertificate or an Australian passport to prove their citizenship.

All non Australian citizens should undertake a right to work or VEVO check.

Where can I get a VEVO Check?

You can get a VEVO Check from the Department of Home Affairs website here.

Who is Australian National Character Check™?

Australian National Character Check is an official provider of National Criminal History Checks and other background checks in Australia. Business customers will soon be able to obtain VEVO checks in a seamless manner through the Australian National Character Check business portal. Contact us to learn how we can help your business get police checks or VEVO checks online.