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VEVO Checks in Australia

A VEVO check or Visa Entitlement Verification Online is the service for Australian employers, organisations, and other institutions to verify and validate visa conditions and work right details for workers in Australia. A VEVO check is commonly referred to as a “right to work check” in Australia.

If you are a non Australian citizen and choose to work in Australia, you will need to undertake a VEVO check. A VEVO check helps employers confirm that your visa status permits you to get the role you seek.

Before an organisation/institution offers employment to an individual, such establishment must confirm through legitimate checks whether such individual is legally allowed to work in Australia. There is no better and accurate method to do this than to request the individual's VEVO Checks.

While a police check shows the criminal history of the individual and helps you make the right employment decisions, it does not reveal a person's right to work in Australia. Though police checks are important before employing an individual, every employer must also crucially request or carry out a VEVO Check result from the applicant.

What is a VEVO Check in Australia?

VEVO check (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) is an official check of Australia which shows if a worker or employee has legal rights to work in Australia. Simultaneously, it is a Check that protects employers, organisations and industries from employing people who it is illegal for them to work in Australia.

Regulations in Australia forbid any organisations/institutions in Australia from discriminating during employment. However, the employer must ensure that they have fulfilled all legal requirements before engaging employment, and one of such is obtaining a VEVO Check.

What does a VEVO Check reveal?

A VEVO check supplies useful information that would affect employment and duration. These include;

  • Nature and expiry date of the applicant's Visa
  • The "must not arrive after the" date of the Visa holder.
  • Legal conditions of the Visa and the period of stay
  • Limitations to a Visa
  • Hours the applicant is allowed to work depending on the visa type

Are there penalties of employing an illegal worker in Australia?

A VEVO check of all employees in your organisation, including potential workers, can save your brand from litigation and stiff penalties from the authorities. Also, employing an illegal immigrant poses a risk to the safety and image of your organisation.

Any company found to have hired employees working illegally, will be subjected to fines up to $315, 000, including other penalties.

Furthermore, persons found working illegally in Australia will also receive fines of up to $63,000, or imprisonment of five years, or both.

Fines of defaulting parties (organisation or person) are handled by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia.

Would your company need to carry out VEVO checks for all employees?

A VEVO check is an important requirement for all employees and potential employees.

However, Australian/New Zealand citizens have unlimited rights to work in Australia and don’t need a VEVO check. A copy of the Australian citizenship certificate or an Australian passport that verifies their citizenship will do.

Nonetheless, all non-Australian citizens have to undertake a right to work, or a VEVO Check before employment.

Where can I get a VEVO Check?

The Department of Home Affairs in Australia handles all legal documents and information regarding work, employment and other affairs within Australia.

Currently, they respond and attend to all services related to VEVO Checks. You can also apply through their website to get a VEVO Check.

You can get a VEVO Check from the Department of Home Affairs website by clicking here.

In what industry sector do I need a VEVO Check?

As long as you choose to work in Australia, it does not depend on the sector where you work, you must undertake a VEVO check. Some of these include and are not limited to;

  • Lawyers and solicitors
  • Medical practitioners
  • Public Vehicle Drivers
  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Artisans
  • Technicians
  • Therapists
  • Child care services
  • Chefs and waitresses

What are the requirements to make a VEVO application?

If you want to request for your VEVO, you will need to provide some information like;

  • Your date of birth
  • Your passport/ImmiCard number
  • Your passport's country of issue
Plus, any of the following reference's type:

  • Visa grant number: you will find it on the notification advising you about the success of your visa application
  • Transaction Reference Number (TRN): if you have applied for your visa online, or applied your ImmiAccount where you were a primary applicant
  • Visa Evidence Number: Where you have obtained the hard copy of your visa, rather than an electronic one.
  • VEVO Password: You will have a VEVO password if you have contacted VEVO since arriving in Australia.

Can I get a VEVO if my Visa has expired?

A person who holds a visa that is not "in-effect" will be unable to get details on their VEVO. A Bridging visa where the substantive visa has not expired will not produce any information on the VEVO. Also, an expired visa will not produce any VEVO details. Try to renew your visa before expiry or get a BE (Bridging Visa E).

How to apply

Australia National Character Check does not currently include the VEVO check services among its operation. However, organisation and employers can soon start to obtain VEVO checks for their employees in a seamless manner through our business portal.

The current most credible method to apply is through the Department of Home affairs. You can apply through their online portal. You can also get more credible information on their webpage.

How about long term Australian residents/migrants?

Most people who migrated to Australia before 1990, and have not travelled out of Australia within that period, usually don't have a record with VEVO. In such cases, you have to apply for your record to be created, and then use your VEVO to validate your Permanent visa status.

What are the requirements to make a VEVO application?

Benefits of applying for a VEVO check

  • You no longer need a visa label on your passports.
  • You can check your visa details anytime you have internet access.
  • It becomes easier to check the progress of a visa or citizenship application online.
  • Reduce your hiring time and process by providing employers with your VEVO check results.

Who is Australian National Character Check™?

It has become imperative for any organisation and institution to make more than the required background checks before employing an individual. At Australian National Character Check, we help companies, businesses and individuals get an accurate Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check certificate.

Police check certificates are a point in time check. It gives a record of all disclosable court outcomes of an individual. We help you to get your police checks within 24 hours of your application.

To comply with all Australian Laws about immigration and employment, you will need

  • An Australian police check (can be obtained online from Australian National Character Check). Criminal history checks are mandatory in sectors like aged care.
  • A right to work check or VEVO Check for non Australian citizens.

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About ANCC

ANCC® enables individuals and approved legal entities to apply for a nationally coordinated criminal history check, which is commonly referred to as a national police check. The nationally coordinated criminal history check is valid all over Australia and can be used when applying for Employment, Probity, Licencing, or Commonwealth check purposes. Get discount police checks online. We beat prices!


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