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Finance Sector Police Checks in Australia

Australian National Character Check (ANCC) provides Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks to financial sector workers Australia wide.

Most police checks are returned to applicants within 24 hours of completion.

Individuals can request checks online via ANCC’s online police check application form.

Business and Enterprise customers can streamline Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check requests through ANCC’s business portal. Contact ANCC’s business and enterprise partnerships team if you would like more information on signing up as a business customer.

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Criminal background checks for the financial services industry

Finance is the backbone and yet the most sensitive part of any organisation. Managing the assets of people, agencies, groups or corporations must be done with the highest level of professionalism and transparency. Therefore, the people who work in the finance sector of any organisation need to be vetted or "checked"

Crimes or Offences against corporate bodies, public funds, misappropriation, and co are considered serious offences in Australia. If anyone is convicted of such crimes, it may dent their chances of getting future roles in the financial sector.

As a company providing financial services (banks, audits, accounting firms), you must thoroughly and carefully assess the workers you employ. Your risk mitigation can also be as prudent as limiting important roles to employees with a clean record.

Furthermore, if you intend to work in any financial sector (banks, public accounts, treasury, and co), the Police Check is generally one of the recruitment requirements.

Even when a Police Check may not mean total proof of a financial crime, it is a step. It also projects your company as being intentional of the resources they manage.

What is a Police Check?

A Police Check contains details of an individual’s Criminal History or Police records. The details of the convictions, charges or sentencing are sourced from the National Criminal database of Australia. So, if you have been convicted of financial or related offences, it will be included in your Police Check results.

The Australian Police authority issues valid checks to applicants depending on the State legislations where the Check was ordered.

When you apply for a Police Check, there are two possible outcomes you can get;

Disclosable Court Outcome: It shows that the individual has a previous conviction that is considered releasable by the State.

No Disclosable Court Outcomes: A Police Check can return with NDCOs if the individual has no convictions that are considered releasable (including Spent Convictions, and others stipulated by the court)

The best way to pass a Police Check is to abstain from any form of offences, including those against corporate bodies.

Where can I obtain a Police Check for the Financial Sector?

A Police Check is a legal certificate/assessment, and can only be obtained through accredited agencies like ANCC or through the local police authorities.

If you have to present a Police Check certificate, you can apply online through ANCC’s online application forms.

Applicants can access our online application service using their tablets, PC or mobile device. It takes just about 12 minutes to fill and complete the process. It is an online process.

All applications submitted through our online portal will get an electronic copy of their Police Check results within hours. It is considered to be the fastest means yet of obtaining a Police Check.

If you would like to request checks for other people at your workplace (employees and contractors) then you should contact ANCC’s business and enterprise support team to learn how you can open a business portal.

Local Police Authorities

Applicants can also apply for their Police Checks via the local Police office in their State and Territories. However, this process may require few visits to the location and a paper-based application form or to get documents certified.

When applying for a Police Check, always select the purpose of the Check. Police checks are not usually generic. There are checks for volunteers, financial and work-related purposes, aged care, and co. Organisations can refuse a Police Check if it is irrelevant to the role you apply for.

Since your Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check certificate is to be used in the finance sector, state it during the application process.

How long is a Police Check valid in the finance sector?

A Police Check must be updated after a given period; it is usually stipulated by the requesting organisation depending on their risk mitigation strategy. A Police Check is a point-in-time check which is valid from the time of issue.

Most financial institutions/organisations will not accept a Check older than 3 months old. Therefore, before applying to any financial position, most applicants will obtain a Police Check,

The sensitivity of the finance sector means companies must be prudent in applying results and legislation regarding a Police Check. It is strongly advised to all financial institutions to request criminal record checks within respectable periods.

Also, if you are convicted of an offence during the waiting period before an updated Check, inform your company, and apply for an updated criminal record check.

Is my Police Check for the financial sector valid in all Australian States?

A Police Check is sometimes known as a;

Irrespective of the name it is called, it refers to the same check certificate and carries the same information and validity. A Police Check is valid in all the States and Territories of Australia, and may even be known by various peculiar names across the State’s and Territories

Your Police Check Australia is valid in the following states and territories:

New South Wales (NSW)

Victoria (VIC)

Western Australia (WA)

Queensland (QLD)

South Australia (SA)

Tasmania (TAS)

Northern Territory (NT)

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

So even if you relocate just after you have applied for a Police Check, the certificatewill remain valid in the new territory or state you move to.

What kind of convictions will come up in my Police Checks for financial purposes?

A Police Check application on the financial sector will most likely focus on convictions with related crimes such as;

Few offences in the financial sector may qualify for the Spent Convictions Scheme. Therefore, the best way out of failing a Police Check for financial purposes is to maintain integrity, transparency and honesty when handling resources in your care.

Other offence that shows up in the Criminal Background Check includes;Under the Spent Convictions Scheme, some offences are struck-out from an individual's Police Checks. It could be that;

✔ The court considers these offences not serious enough

✔ The individual has fulfilled certain conditions for the scheme.

However, only very few offences in the financial sector can be considered for the Spent Convictions Scheme. Some of the conditions are;Here are some of the offences that will never be classified under the Spent convictions scheme;

What offences don’t come up in an Australian Police Check for financial sector purposes?

Asides from the Spent Convictions or other court orders, some offences don’t show up in your Criminal background check certificate. If you are expecting your Police certificates, you don’t need to fear the possibilities of these offences showing up;

How can financial institutions make decisions from thePolice Check results?

Police Check results are valid results of history and present. It in no way determineshow an individual will behave in future (it only allows for a prediction).

Financial institutions must be careful of the workers they employ to roles if they will last long in the business. When recruiting people for sensitive roles, consider previous experiences. Other criminal activities should be investigated.

Furthermore, other reports should be considered, such as; mental assessment, bankruptcy checks, psychological evaluations and emotional stability. All these usually become reasons or basis for financial misdemeanours.

How can I verify a Police Check provided by an employee?

Decision makers can verify the authenticity of checks issued by ANCC using the Verify a Check option.

Here is how it works;

All Checks are issued with a verification code located at the top right-hand corner of the Police Clearance certificate.

How long does it take to receive my Crime Record Check certificate?

It is always wiser to apply for a Police Check earlier than when you need it. This way, if you have discovered an error, you may apply for a re-checking. However, if you need a Police Check within a short time, you can apply through our online application portal.

Over 70% of applicants that apply through the online portal get their Police Check returned to them within 48 hours. While some applications get returned to the applicants due to some errors, the rest may take longer than intended.

If a police check application is delayed, it does not conclude that the applicant has failed their Police Checks. The most likely explanation is that the application is marked for “manual review”. A manual review can further delay the application by between 2 and 15 days.

Why organisations should adhere to a strict recruitment policy in the financial sector

Australian National Character Check helps various agencies, institutions and companies to obtain valid National Police Checks. However, a Police Check may not be the sole financial assessment and financial institutions can also apply other Checks to ensure they employ the right people.

organisations should be strict to;

Improve their brand image

In the financial sector, even a small mistrust can ruin an organisation. People or groups want to keep funds with people they trust.

Protect Customers and Assets

When customers keep their assets with you, they are storing a part of their life with you. It is every company's utmost responsibility to safeguard these assets.