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Criminal Background Check

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Australian National Character Check provides official criminal background checks online. Most checks are returned to applicants within 24 to 48 hours of submission. Applicants can apply via their mobile, desktop or tablet and results are dispatched via email. An optional hard copy certificate can be selected at the payment checkout page.

Employers must know that employment decisions require just more than the individual's academic or expertise. An employer must ensure that the individuals they employ will not harm the company's image, the staff, or customers. That is why before recruitment; a number of employers in Australia are mandated by law to request a Criminal Background Check.

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What is a Criminal Background Check?

A Criminal Background Check is an official Check result that certifies you “legally” to work in an organisation. The Check result contains all Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCO) and Non-disclosable Court Outcomes (NDCO) of the applicant as issued by Australian police authorities.

The Criminal Background Check can also be referred to as a Police Check, National Police Clearance, or National Police Certificate.

People who apply for roles in child care services, care of the aged and vulnerable are mandated to present their Criminal Background Check.

How long is a Criminal Background Check Valid?

A Criminal Background Check is a point-in-time check; they are valid from the point of issuance. Moreover, how long a criminal background check is "relevant" before "updating" your check depends on your employer or the requesting party. Most employers do not accept a criminal check that is older than 3 months.

However, if you have a conviction within the duration of getting an updated check, you should update your Criminal Background Check. Employers should ensure that their employees provide updated checks regularly depending on their risk management strategy and assessments.

How can I get a Criminal Background Check?

A Criminal Background Check certificate can be issued by Australian police authorities. However, the process is made easier through government accredited agencies like Australian National Character Check.

There are two ways you can obtain your national police certificate;

The in-person method of applying for a Criminal Background Check is often stressful and time-consuming. It involves visiting the local branch of your police department and requesting an application form. After completing the form; you have to submit it in-person, and wait to receive the results via post.

The in-person method may not be feasible for people who need their Criminal Background Check results in short notice.

The online method of the criminal background check application, involves completing the application form and submitting it online via our website. All of your details are transmitted over secured and private networks and the response is swift.

With the online application, your official police clearance results will be emailed to you mostly within 24 hours (exceptions do apply for applications that get referred for manual processing by Australian police agencies). A hard copy will follow later on should you request it. The online application not only saves time but saves you the hassles of visiting a police branch.

Can a Check take longer than 24 hours?

We return results of all Criminal Background Check within 24 hours for around 75% of applications. For the remaining applications, they are flagged for "manual review". It occurs when the software making the checks spots an "anomaly" in the applicant's data like; name, address, data correlation, and so on.

When the software flags an application, an official is usually required to review it. When an application is flagged for manual review, it leads to the delay in when an applicant gets their Criminal Background Check results. Therefore, applicants may wait longer by 1 and 15 working days to receive their Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check results.

You should note that third party agencies like the Australian National Character Check do not influence flagged applications. We do not know in advance, which application will be flagged for "manual review". However, we follow all applications with keen attention and swift responses to the applicants.

Where is my Criminal Background Check Valid?

If you have obtained a Criminal Check in any state in Australia, then it qualifies as a National Police Check certificate. You can use your updated Criminal Background Check for obtaining licenses, employment decisions, registration and many others. It is valid in Queensland, Victoria, NSW, South Australia, ACT, WA, NT, and Tasmania.

What is shown on my Criminal Background Check certificate?

A Criminal Background Check is a record of all Disclosable and Non-disclosable court outcomes of an individual. It involves;

Whether a conviction is considered Spent, or not, depends on the state's legislation where such offence was committed. Spent charges are not disclosed in an applicant’s Criminal Background Check certificate.

An offence can be considered spent if the;Offences not eligible as ‘spent convictions’ (included in your check) include;Other records that will not show up on your Criminal Background Check results are;

How much does a Criminal Background Check cost?

Australian National Character Check returns police check results once they are ready. It generally takes less than 12 minutes to complete the online criminal background check application form, and you will have to pay the full application fee before submitting your application. The base cost to obtain a criminal background check is $48.90.

What documents do I need to request a Criminal Background Check?

Applicants are verified before obtaining their Criminal Background History Check.

The Criminal Background Check record is based upon data supplied like;

All applicants have to provide four identification documents;These identification documents add authenticity and linkage to the information produced by the applicant. It helps to improve the checks procedure and work towards our goal of providing accurate and timely criminal record checks and as a result, improving community safety in Australia.

Wrapping Up

Employers can request Background Checks for any of their current or potential employees, but with their permissions (informed consent). Our service at Australian National Character Check enhances the procedures for organisations and companies to obtain Criminal Background Checks for their employees.

In roles that involve; security, rural fire services, health care, care for the aged, children and vulnerable, there are punitive measures for employers who do not request criminal checks when placing persons in sensitive job roles.