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Police Check South Australia (SA)

Start a new Police Check

Australian National Character Check™ makes obtaining a South Australia police clearance certificate simple. The SA police check application can be completed securely from your computer, mobile or tablet

Most South Australia (SA) police checks are returned to applicants within one to three days.

Applicants can pay securely via credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Most South Australian employers, corporations and voluntary organisations will request a person’s police clearance certificate or a criminal record check before they grant admission to the person. Whatever name it is given, it means the same thing as a Police Check Certificate.

What is a Police Check South Australia?

A Police Check South Australia (SA) is a record of an individual’s disclosable criminal offences and convictions with outcomes including pending charges obtained from the databases of all Australian police agencies (including Adelaide and other parts of South Australia).

An applicant can apply through Australian National Character Check’s secure online police clearance SA application form, and get their police check certificate between one and three days. The applicant will only need their computer, smartphones or tablet.

What will show up on a SA Police Check?

A Police Check SA certificate will contain all releasable court data and outcomes and all pending data sourced from the databases of all Australian Police agencies.

Information on the spent convictions scheme can be found here.

Some of them include and are not limited to:

What will not show up on a Police Check SA?

How long is a Police Check SA Valid?

A police check SA is generally requested by decision makers to get a summary of a person’s criminal background (if any). Therefore, only such decision makers can determine the period that will elapse before an updated police check is required. Most employers and decision makers in South Australia (SA) do not accept a police check certificate that is older than three months. This however will depend on the organisation and their internal risk mitigating strategies.

A police check is a point in time check and is valid up until the point of issue. There is no set expiry date for an SA police clearance certificate.

How to obtain a Police Check SA?

If your Police Check SA has been requested by any authority, there are two ways of applying:

There is no difference in the legitimacy of a police check issued by Australian National Character Check and SAPOL. Applicants may notice small differences in the layout of the certificate however both are equally valid. Applicants that apply through Australian National Character Check do experience the substantial difference in speed and efficiency when obtaining their police check online. Majority of SA police checks are returned to applicants within one to three days. Results are emailed on the same day they are received. Overall, applicants save time and cost when applying for their police check online.

What information would you provide when applying for your Police Check SA?

Steps to to apply for the South Australia Police Check

Can a Police Check SA application take longer than 24 hours?

Most applicants will normally receive their police check certificate within 24 hours. However, a police check application may automatically get flagged for ‘manual review’ which will delay the person’s application.

A manual review occurs when there is a likelihood of correlation between an applicant’s information and the police criminal database, and an official must peruse through criminal background history before a result can be released. Delay from manual reviews can extend between one to 15+ working days. Just because an application gets referred for a manual review does not necessarily mean that they have criminal history. It is more than likely that there is an individual in the country with the same or similar name to the applicant who is of interest to Australian police agencies.

Unfortunately, Australian National Character Check cannot see beforehand if an application will be flagged for ‘manual review’ but you will be duly notified via email when this happens.

Australian National Character Check does not only assure applicants of providing their Police Check South Australia certificate, but we are also professional and secure when handling applicants personal data and information.

Accredited National Police Clearance Certificate for South Australia

Australian National Character Check is an accredited service approved by the Australian Federal Government to conduct nationally coordinated criminal history checks.

The criminal record check issued by Australian National Character Check is valid nationwide and hence within South Australia (SA).

A police check South Australia is actually a National Police Check. When you apply for a police check South Australia, in essence you are also applying for the following:

Police Check NSW
Police Check QLD
Police Check Victoria
Police Check Tasmania
Police Check NT
Police Check WA
Police Check ACT

Police Check SA for business and workplaces

We provide a 100% online solution for businesses and workplaces to streamline police clearance checks when hiring or recruiting new staff. Contact us today to find out how Australian National Character Check can streamline national police checks for your organisation.

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Police Check Online Police Check Online Police Check Online Police Check Online Police Check Online
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