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National Police Clearance

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Can I get my National Police Clearance Online?

Applicants can get a national police clearance by completing the online police check application form. The police check application can be completed in the comfort of your home or workplace by using a PC, mobile phone or tablet. Obtaining a criminal record check is now as simple as completing an online form. The process takes a few minutes when completing the police check online.

How much does a National Police Clearance cost?

The base price for a national police clearance check is $46. Applicants have the option to pay securely online using PayPal, credit card or a debit card.

Why do employers ask for a National Police Clearance?

Laws exist that prevent some people with a criminal record from working in particular roles. Depending on the nature of the criminal history, industries that might screen and restrict the employment of people with criminal records include and are not limited to:

  • Transportation and delivery services
  • Financial
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Public sector
  • Hospitality, gaming or racing
  • Security
  • Legal

  • Australian businesses face risks if they hire persons without ensuring they have a clear national police clearance, or at least an understanding of an applicant’s criminal record if they have one.

    Will interstate convictions appear on my National Police Clearance?

    A police clearance certificate displays all court outcomes that are considered releasable by Australian police agencies in accordance with spent convictions legislation. Information on the spent convictions scheme can be found here. The police clearance certificate either indicates that no disclosable court outcomes are held or contains court outcomes obtained from police agencies that are able to be disclosed.
    A national police clearance certificate generally includes:

  • Court appearances
  • Court convictions, including any penalty or sentence
  • Findings of guilt with no conviction
  • Good behaviour bonds or other court orders
  • Charges
  • Matters awaiting court hearing
  • How can I verify my National Police Clearance result?

    If an applicant or employer wishes to verify the contents of a police record check, they may do so through the Verify a Check feature on the website. This will display the information we hold regarding the result of the national police clearance certificate.

    How long does it take to process a National Police Clearance?

    Majority of criminal record checks are returned to applicants within one to three business days. In the event it takes longer than this, it will have been forwarded to Australian police agencies for manual processing. All other remaining lodgements are processed in 10 to 15+ business days.

    Applicants can track the progress of their police check online by using the track a check feature on the website. When the police clearance certificate is ready, the applicant will receive an instant email and sms notification.

    How do I request a National Police Clearance from my employees?

    Businesses can register with Australian National Character Check for free to create an account for the business customer portal.

    The portal then sends the police clearance request to the applicant.

    The organisation can decide whether they will be paying for the police clearance certificate, or if the applicant will pay.

    An applicant can also order their national police clearance directly through Australian National Character Check with a cost of $46 and share the results with the requesting company.