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National Police Clearance

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Applicants can get a national police clearance by completing the online police check application form. The police check application can be completed in the comfort of your home or workplace by using a PC, mobile phone or tablet. Obtaining a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check is now as simple as completing an online form. The process takes a few minutes when completing the police check online.

The base price for a national police clearance check is $48.90. Applicants have the option to pay securely online using PayPal, credit card or a debit card. Digital certificates are emailed directly to the applicant. A hard copy of the certificate can be requested for an additional fee of $9.95.

Every organisation or government aims to secure the lives, property and resources placed under their watch. The methods they employ to do this must be legal and fair to all.

If you seek employment in most agencies and organisations in Australia, you may be required to present a National Police Clearance certificate.

For some sensitive roles (financial, work with vulnerable/children/police check for aged care groups), it may be mandatory by law to present a valid National Police Clearance certificate.

Australian National Character Check eases the procedure of obtaining National Police Clearance Checks for both individual applicant and businesses/enterprise customers.

Can you obtain the National Police Clearance (NPC) certificate online?

If you are asked to present an updated National Police Clearance, you can get it quicker by applying through the online portal of Australian National Character Check. It is convenient, safe and the application can be completed in under 12 minutes if you have all identification documents on hand. The steps to complete a check are as follows:

  • Complete and fill the required fields in the online form (Names, address, and co.)

  • Select the real purpose for your clearance (employment, probity, licensing, accreditation, etc.)

  • Make payment through the online payment options available (PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and co.)

  • Complete ID uploads and submit the application form.

  • You will receive a valid electronic format of your NPC certificate normally within 24 hours

Note: Applying through the local police forces is usually an in-person process and applicants should be prepared to wait at least 10 business days for the result.

How long does my NPC application take?

When you apply for a National Police Clearance through the Australian National Character Check, you will get your police check certificate emailed back to you within 1 to 3 working days. Applications that take longer than this will be followed up, and subsequent information communicated to the applicants.

What is shown in my National Police Clearance?

A National Police Certificate contains all criminal records of an individual that are deemed disclosable/releasable under the state or commonwealth legislation.

Where there is a finding of a disclosable conviction, it comes with DCOs and in the case where no releasable details of conviction can be found, it has no disclosable court outcomes (NDCO).

When there are DCOs, offences that will be shown are;

  • Traffic offences that lead to conviction (drunk-driving, no license)

  • Pending court charges and offences

  • All convictions and charges that do not qualify as “Spent”

  • Any Sexual assault or related offences

If the results come out as No Disclosable Court outcomes; offences under this category are guided by the Spent Convictions Scheme.

Spent Convictions are offences that are not disclosed in an applicant's National Police Clearance once some conditions are met. However, they are guided by the various State legislation in Australia.

The conditions for an offence to be considered Spent are;

  • Convictions older than ten (10) years for offences committed by an adult (not in a juvenile court)

  • Convictions older than Five (5) years (3years for NSW) for offences committed by a child

  • The individual must not be convicted of any punishable offence during this waiting period, or the period restarts

  • If a jail term is imposed, the crime-free period begins after the jail term

  • Convictions stipulated by the court to be considered as Spent if the individual meet some criteria

However, not all convictions can be considered sent even if the above conditions are met. Convictions to any of these offences are not subject to the Spent Convictions Scheme and will show up in your Criminal Background Check:

  • Convictions for sexually related offences

  • Convictions against corporate organisations and institutions

  • Convictions stated by the regulations

  • Convictions for which a prison sentence of more than six months is imposed

Convictions that do not show up in your National Police clearance

Asides from Spent convictions, these convictions do not show up in a national police check;

  • Findings of non-guilt.

  • Convictions outside the country.

  • Diversion programs.

  • Punitive measures by third party institutions or other professional bodies/unions.

  • Offences outside the jurisdiction of Australian police agencies/courts

How long is my National Police Clearance valid?

A National Police Clearance cannot expire in the technical sense as it is a point-in-time check. The requesting party mostly informs you of the acceptable age of the National Police Clearance you present.

Most organisations will not accept a National Police Clearance that is older than 3 months. Every organisation displays its internal institution discretion when accepting National Police Clearances.

Every organisation is responsible by law to encourage its members/employees to get updated National Police Checks at regular and acceptable intervals. Also to advise employees who are convicted of a punishable crime during this period to request an updated Police Clearance.

Is my National Police Check useful in other States in Australia?

If you obtain a National Police Check, it contains records of all criminal offences against your name committed across all States and Territories. A National Police Clearance Certificate is valid in all states even though the colloquial names may vary.

Your National Police Clearance is equivalent to your;

Can my Clearance application take longer than 3 days?

When you apply through Australian National Character Check, we process all applications keenly and comprehensively. However, some applications may be delayed due to the national police checking software subjecting an application for “manual review”.

If an application is flagged for manual review, then it means there is a need for further human supervision (via Australian police agencies) of that application. This can make your application to be delayed for a further between 3 to 15 days.

It can arise from common and shared data on the national database (name, address), and others. Applications flagged for further review is not a definitive finding of a DCO in an applicant’s record.

No accredited agency knows beforehand which applications will be flagged for manual review. It is just as spontaneous as it is time-wasting. However, we promise efficient and proper information regarding your application.

How much does it cost to obtain a National Police Clearance?

Before submitting your application, you have to remit a fee. This fee might vary depending on the payment method however the base price for a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check is $48.90.

Organisations can cover the cost of application for their employees. Approved businesses and enterprises can also order, track and view check results via the police check business portal. The application and informed consent must be completed directly by the applicant.

Is the issued Police Clearance the same as a government-issued check?

Australian National Character Check and state based police agencies access the same national database for police check results. Other than the small formatting difference on the criminal history check certificate, the results are equally legitimate. The nationally coordinated criminal history check issued by Australian National Character Check can be used for employment purposes, probity purposes, licensing and accreditation purposes. The check cannot be used for immigration or national security purposes.

Can Employers verify results of a Police Clearance?

If an employee/applicant submits their Police Clearance certificate to an organisation, and there are doubts over its authenticity, there is a way to verify the Clearance. Employers can verify a National Police Clearance through the Verify a Check feature.

  • Click and enter the link above

  • Enter the verification code on the top right corner of the Police Clearance certificate

  • Submit and proceed

  • The Certificate is either verified or rejected

In what roles would you need to provide a National Police Clearance?

Most employers request a Police Check according to their organisation's internal risk mitigation strategy. For some roles, it is compulsory to present a National Police Clearance as a requirement before recruitment into that role. Some of these important roles are;

  • Roles that involve the care of children (it is important to note that a working with children check is not the same as a national police check)

  • Care of the old and vulnerable

  • Teachers/professors

  • Rural Fireman Service

  • Medical care

  • Financial roles

  • Solicitors, welfare reps, and many others

Who can apply for a National Police Clearance?

A National Police Clearance is an important document that helps organisations make prudent employment decisions during recruitments. It also aids agencies to adjudge an individual's character during licensing, admission, contract awarding, and co.

Australian residents seeking paid roles especially in sensitive positions may require an updated Australian police check.

People under the age of 18 can apply for a National Police Clearance but must present written informed consent from their legal guardian or parent.

Wrapping Up

While a National Police Clearance helps organisations make informed decisions about recruitments and employee assessment, it should not be used to discriminate against individuals.

National Police Checks cannot provide full protection from damages, but mitigates the risks of damage, and may protect the organisation image by assisting decision makers to make informed decisions when placing persons in sensitive roles or within positions of trust.

Australian National Character Check provides individual applicants and organisations with useful information and efficient processes about obtaining valid Clearances for themselves or their employees (with consent), and the legislations guiding Police Clearances.