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  • When does a Police Check Expire in Tasmania?

    While Police Check results in Tasmania provide an up to date detail of your criminal history in Tasmania, and those of other states/territories, it does not officially expire.

    A Police Check in Tasmania is a point in time check and is only current at the point of issuance. Most employers and decision makers in Tasmania do not accept a police check that is older than three (3) months.

    What is a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check?

    Criminal history checks are one of the required assessments for almost any role or volunteer position in Tasmania. It is rare to see a job opening or license issuance without a criminal history check as a requirement.

    Police check results contain the details of an individual’s past dealings with the court or laws in Australia. Items shown on a police check include all pending charges, sentencing, imprisonment terms and non-conviction finding issued by the court.

    What is the unofficial validity period of your Police Check?

    National police check results have an unofficial validity period. Since they do not expire in the technical sense, there is still a period limit to which the other party will continue to regard them.

    For example, a criminal history check report that you obtained last year will contain all your criminal history from until the last year. It means all your updated records, including those that became “spent” will not be updated.

    For this reason, most organisations or decision makers in Tasmania (and nationally) do not accept Police Check results that are older than 3 months.

    However, if you have applied for a criminal record check just to confirm your records on the Australia criminal database, it remains valid for its purpose.

    Is it Right for an employer to refuse a criminal history check?

    Each organisation is free to assess the result of a Police Check depending on their internal risk mitigation strategies. However, the internal risk policies must not fall outside the Privacy Act or the Spent Convictions Scheme of the State of Tasmania.

    What happens when my Police Check “expires”?

    If you are based in Tasmania and think your police check has expired or is too old, it is time to get an updated one. Getting an updated criminal history check for persons based in Tasmania is convenient when you apply through online accredited service providers like ANCC.

    The steps are easy to follow and quick to complete.

    1. Select the “Start a new Police Check” button on the portal of the Australian National Character Check website.
    2. Complete the application form provided with accurate details.
    3. Fill in all required contact details and extra information required on the form. Cross-check previous data you entered.
    4. Select and fill the purpose of the Police Check application; volunteer, employment and so on.
    5. Complete payments via any of the online options; PayPal, Debit/Credit card, and co.
    6. Provide the requested Identification documents by;
    • Taking photos,
    • Scanning and uploading, or;
    1. Sign the informed consent form online, before submitting the application.
    2. Use the "Track a Check" option on the website to follow the status of the application. The certificates are also downloadable when they become available.
    3. Get an electronic copy of the result. It will be sent to the email address that you gave on your application.

    • Applying through the Tasmanian Local Police

    Alternatively, some decision makers may request that you obtain the check from the local police. It in no way sprites the authenticity of any check, it just depends on the requesting party's preference.

    Applying to the police force may require a physical visit to the local police office. All information you submit should be corroborated by any of the verification IDs you submit.

    • Applying through your local post office

    The post office forwards all criminal record check applications from the candidate to the National Check agency. However, applicants must submit all requested documents together with the specified ID verification.

    Can I renew my Police Check if I have relocated?

    A police check is a document that is valid nationwide. It remains valid through the States and Territories of Australia.

    Even if you migrate to another State or Territory in Australia within this period, you can still submit your police check that you obtained within Tasmania.

    What if I get another conviction within the period before it expires?

    If you are convicted of an offence within that period, or the legal status of a conviction changed, you may have to apply for an updated police check.

    Why should I renew a Police Check?

    There are plenty of benefits of renewing a Police Check even for the candidate. Some of these reasons are;

    • It contains the candidate’s updated Criminal records,
    • It helps in the proper assessment of your records,
    • It updates records when the Spent Convictions Scheme require them to be removed

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