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How to get a Police Check in Western Australia (WA)

Start a new Police Check
Start a new Police Check

If you are living in Western Australia, many documents are necessary for any of your dealings. For all those seeking roles in WA, a police history check is a common requirement in any of the following sectors;

The police check for WA is not only conducted in WA; it is a nationwide document that carries a search of all disclosable court outcomes in every state and territory of Australia.

How to apply for a Police Check?

The importance of the police check in WA has made it increasingly easy over the years to get your results. Now, candidates can apply online via portals like ANCC (Australian National Character Check). It has become the most popular method of application for candidates based in WA.

What IDs do I need to apply for a Police Check in WA?

A national criminal history check certificate contains the current records of the holder’s convictions history compared from the police and criminal database. Therefore applicants must provide accurate details of the requested information.

The information you provide must have corroboration in the form of ID documents for the criminal history check.

The information you need to complete the application form include;

For In-person applications, the IDs you will provide are based on four forms of identification.

Generally, these ID documents are divided into 4 categories with a minimum of 1 from each category;

  1. One (1) Commencement of ID document;
    • ✔ Valid Australian Passport,

      ✔ Full Australian Birth Certificate,

      ✔ Valid Australian visa,

      ✔ Immicard,

      ✔ Document of identity, and co. as requested from the full list

  2. One (1) Primary Use in Community Document;
    • ✔ Australian Marriage certificate,

      ✔ Current passport,

      ✔ current firearms license,

      ✔ valid driver’s license, and co. as requested from the full list

  3. Two (2) Secondary Use in Community Document;
    • ✔ Medicare card,

      ✔ Student identity card,

      ✔ Bank statement,

      ✔ Credit reference check,

      ✔ Trusted referees reports,

      ✔ Australian utility bill,

      ✔ Australian Taxation, and co. as requested from the full list

How long does Police Checking take?

If you applied for a Police Check, you may be plagued by the common fear that grips other candidates; Why is my Police Check result taking so long to come out?

Furthermore, most people erroneously conclude an extended checking period means the candidate has failed their police check. However, this is far from the truth, there are lots of reasons why your police record check may take long;

Is my Police Check in WA a one-time check?

Your police check in Westersn Australia (WA) is not a once-for-all Check and will need renewals within reasonable timeframes. There are "activities'' always going on in police criminal history for applicants;

The interested party should always know about the “changes” in your Police Check. Further to this, police checks do not have a set expiry date. They are a point in time check and are valid up until the date of issue.

What are the steps to apply for a Police Check online in Western Australia?

If you need a police check in WA, an online application is your easiest and fastest channel. With these few steps, you can complete your national police history check application;

  1. Select the “Start a new Police Check” button on the portal of Australian National Character Check.
  2. Complete the application form provided with accurate details of the examples listed above
  3. Fill in all contact details and extra information required on the Police Check. Cross-check previous data you entered.
  4. Select and fill the purpose of the application; e.g. volunteer checks, checks for employment, checks for licensing or accreditation, checks for the finance sector, and so on.
  5. Complete payments via any of the online options; PayPal, Debit/Credit card, and co
  6. Provide the requested Identification documents by;
    • Taking photos
    • Scanning and uploading
    • Mailing copies (Post/Police office)
  7. Send all IDs before you can finally submit the check application
  8. Sign the informed consent online before submitting the application
  9. Use our “Track a police Check” option on the website to track the status of the application. The certificates are also downloadable.
  10. Get an electronic copy of the result. It is sent to the Email address on your application.

Why you should get a Police Check in the state of WA

Lots of organisations and HR systems are incorporating the criminal background check as an official risk mitigation strategy. While it does not foretell that an individual will do great at their roles, it provides unrivalled details of the candidates’ character/behaviours/social and corporate interactions.

Furthermore for roles like