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How to get a police check in Tasmania

Start a new Police Check
Start a new Police Check

Part of the latest measures of risk mitigation and internal strategies is that most organisations now adopt police checks as a valid application requirement. In Tasmania, you must provide a national police check result if you are applying for;

Also, police background checks in Tasmania disclose your police and criminal record from the Tasmanian State database as well as the national database. This information can help you decide better on:

The Police Check result serves but is not limited to all of the above purposes.

How do I obtain a Police Check in Tasmania?

Getting police checks in Tasmania is easy when you apply online through approved services like ANCC. The process is open and easy for all Tasmania residents and can be completed in a few simple steps.

Applying for a Police Criminal Record Check in Tasmania online

Candidates can begin and complete their applications, including payments using their mobile, tablet, or PC devices.

The common portal for online applications is by logging into the Australian National Character Check anywhere within Tasmania:

What Document do I need to start an application?

Your criminal history check application will require you to submit data and details with corroborating ID documents.

You must provide;

The IDs are in four categories;

What if I have a problem with my application?

What the National Check agency does in Police Checking is; comparing an applicant's data against the criminal database of the state/Territory and all affiliated areas. The check algorithm may encounter some delays in the checking.

These delays are caused by any or more of the following:

Does my Police Check in Tasmania only show related convictions?

When you apply for a police background check in Tasmania or other States and Territories, all your releasable convictions in Australia will show up in the result. The check is a nationwide scheme and includes all related convictions (per purpose) of the individual.

However, Spent convictions as per State legislation (e.g. spent convictions rules in Tasmania) do not show up in the background check result. Examples of offences that will show up in your Police Check for Tasmania are;

All offenses that show up are called Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCOs).

However, if your result returns with a No-Disclosable Court outcome (NDCOs), then you have no “legal conviction” which is deemed releasable.

Offenses that are NDCO per State legislation are;