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    How can I get a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check in New South Wales? (NSW)

    Getting a nationally coordinated criminal history check in New South Wales (NSW) is easier and faster than you may think. Since criminal background checks have become a necessary requirement for recruitment, licensing, volunteering and co, lots of methods of application are now available.

    However, the simple method of applying for a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check in NSW is through the online application method. Accredited agencies like the Australian National Character Check also help individuals and approved businesses to obtain valid national police checks online easily.

    Applicants based in NSW can can get further information and start a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check here: Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check in NSW

    Applying through the online portal of accredited agencies

    When you apply online via Australian National Character Check, you will fill and submit an online-based form. The entire procedure, including the payment, can be completed via your PC, Tablet or mobile devices.

    Applicants who apply through our online portal receive an electronic (valid) copy of their NSW Criminal History Check within hours. There is also an option of hardcopy.

    All applications/data submitted via our portal is transferred through a secure server.

    Our portal allows all applicants to apply for their National Police Check stress-free, and get their results ASAP.

    To apply for a National Police Check in New South Wales online;

    1. Using your internet-enabled device, log on to the
    2. Click on the Start a New Check in the options and Proceed to answer the questions.
    3. Fill (completely) the required fields correctly and carefully, including your preferred and valid e-mail and mail addresses.
    4. Provide the Identification documents (4) needed to vet your data.
    5. Confirm all information you provide before submitting.
    6. Select the purpose of the Police Check (Volunteer, Paid employment, and co). If you select incorrectly, you will have to pay for a new one.
    7. Remit the stipulated fee that appears using any of our advanced online paying options - PayPal, Credit card, Debit Cards, MasterCard, and co

    Applicants should note that Australian National Character Check is not affiliated with the NSW Police Force and if applicants wish to apply via a state or territory police force, they must obtain one directly through their website.

    What are the Identification Documents you need to get an NSW Police Check?

    When applying for a Police Check in NSW, you need certain documents (usually 4) to complete the application process. These four documents divided into three categories will help the National Check Database vet, confirm and carry out a proper Checking of your Police or Criminal history records.

    When filling the form, you must provide all of these categories of IDs for a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check;

      ✔ One (1) Commencement of ID document (Australian Birth Certificate, Australian Passport, Visa, Identity documents, and co.)

      ✔ One (1) Primary Use in Community Document (Valid driver’s License, Marriage Certificate, Passport, Government issued Photo ID Card, and co.)

      ✔ Two (2) Secondary Use in Community Document; any two of (Medicare card, Bank Statement, bank card, Photo ID card, Certified academic transcript, and co.)

    Via the entire document listed above, some information should be visible such as;

    • Your full name
    • Date of Birth
    • A verifiable photograph that should be present in any of the ID you provide.

    Criminal Record Checks issued by Australian National Character Check are valid and authentic both within and outside of New South Wales.

    Some roles that usually require a Police Check in NSW are;

    • Roles that involve the care of children
    • Roles where the individuals will work in proximity/direct service to the “vulnerable” populations.
    • Teachers/professors
    • Rural Fireman Service
    • Financial roles
    • Solicitors, welfare reps, and many others
    • Obtaining licenses for occupations or registrations such as Real Estate agents, Nurses and the rest.
    • When applying for commonwealth related jobs
    • When Volunteering in some organisations, etc.

    What is shown in a Police Check New South Wales?

    A Police Check for applicants in the state of NSW contains all Police and criminal records of an individual sourced from all the States Criminal database. However, following the NSW legislation on DCOs and Spent offences, some offences are not released on a Police Check NSW.

    Offences that are releasable in a Police Check NSW is known as Disclosable Court Outcomes, and include;

    • Serious Charges
    • Good behaviour bonds
    • Pending trials and convictions
    • Court appearances
    • Sexual offences and related convictions
    • Traffic offences that lead to sentences
    • Warrants or court warnings
    • Finding of guilt with no convictions
    • Convictions not under the Spent Charges scheme

    Spent Offences

    The state of New South Wales or a convicting court may deem some offences "not serious" or "not relevant" to the purpose of the Check. However, the issuing authority following NSW legislations usually determines which offences are Spent.

    Also, some conditions may make it an offence to become “Spent”. Some of these conditions are;

    • Convictions after ten (10) consecutive years have elapsed for offences committed as an adult (not convicted in a juvenile court)
    • Convictions after Five (5) consecutive years (3 years for NSW) elapses for offences convicted in a juvenile court (committed by a child)

    All these conditions remain valid as long as;

    • The individual must not be convicted of any punishable offence during this waiting period, else the period restarts
    • Where a jail term is imposed, the crime-free period begins after the jail term
    • Convictions stipulated by the court to be considered as Spent if the individual meets some criteria.

    Offences not disclosed in a Police Check in the state of NSW?

    In addition to Spent offences, some offences do not show up in your Police Check certificate. These offences usually fall out of the jurisdiction of the NSW and commonwealth or are “invalid”. Some of these offences are;

    • Incomplete or abandoned charges
    • Diversion programs
    • Spent Charges
    • Sentences that are given abroad
    • Traffic infractions that do not culminate in convictions (cautions, warnings, fines)
    • Penalties from third- party institutions
    • Offences prosecuted by authorities outside the Police Jurisdiction.

    Who can apply for a Police Check in NSW?

    The Australian Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check is available to all persons who are based in NSW or within other areas of Australia that want to;

      ✔Apply for a paid role (especially in sensitive positions) – Teaching, aged care, Fireman, and co.

      ✔Volunteers in NSW

      ✔Apply for real estate, driving license, and co.

    Expiry date for a Police Check in NSW

    A Police Check in NSW just like all other Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks is point-in-time checks with no explicit police check expiry date. They are valid from the point of issue to the present.

    However, most organisations or agencies do not accept Police Checks that are older than 3 months.

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