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Is a character check the same as a police check?

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More often than not, you may find a "Character Check result" as a requirement for a job, volunteer service, license, or accreditation program you are applying for. Some people may panic about not having the "character check" or even hearing about it for that matter. However, a character check is the same as a police check and is just another name for a police check or a national criminal history check.

There is no difference in the legitimacy of a national police check or national criminal history check issued by ANCC or a state or territory police force. ANCC accesses the same central government database to retrieve results. Applicants may notice small differences in the formating of the certificates however both are equally valid. Applicants that obtain the police checks online generally do however experience a substantial difference in the speed and efficiency of obtaining their check online.

Why is it referred to as a Character Check?

It should be noted that a character check is just another common name for a national police check. Just like a police check, a character check also contains a record of all a person's court outcomes, sentencing, charges, and other pertinent convictions. So you see, it is just like a reflection of the person’s character that has a lot to do with the role they apply for.

A character check or police character check is just another common name for a national police check or a nationally coordinated criminal history check (NCCHC). The check is a document that is valid all through the States and Territories in Australia.

A national police check may be known by different names across Australia. However, it does not diminish its validity, purpose or merits.

Popular names given to a police check in Australia are;

And so on.

A Police Check may also have various “local” names in the various States and Territories of Australia. For example, persons based in NSW may refer to a police check as a national police character check in NSW.

Where is a Character Check valid?

A police character check issued by ANCC is valid in all States and Territory in Australia. You can obtain a character check in Victoria or get a police character check in QLD. No matter the state where you apply, it still maintains the same authenticity all through the States and Territory in Australia given that the purpose of the check is an approved purpose (e.g. Employment, volunteering, accreditations, etc.).

Why do employers need a Character Check for an assessment?

There are certain roles you may never get with a record of a related conviction on your Police/Character Check. The legislation governing recruitment and criminal records forbid organisations from employing individuals with certain records in some roles (e.g. aged care).

Just imagine how improper it will be to employ a child offender in a role as a private tutor. A Character Check helps potential employers to assess the past behaviours of their employees/workers without going through a further rigorous process.

While a criminal history check may not be full-proof to "foretell" a person's character, it is still the most credible legal means of going about it. Here are other ways a National Police Check helps to ensure community safety;

How to apply for a Character/Police Check?

National police checks are a requirement in many roles, license, accreditation, and you will most likely need one. If you need a check, you can apply through;

What convictions will you find in a Police/Character Check?

If you have committed a serious criminal offence, it will show up on your criminal record check results. It will also include all pending charges and summons by a legal Australian court. Other types of convictions you will find in a police character check are;

These offences are called Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCOs). And they are released based on the State legislation covering the area they apply.

However, not all “offences” will show up in your police character check. Some offences are considered “unrelated” to be in your police check records. Some of them are;

Who can apply for a Police Character Check in Australia?

A national police check (NPC) (sometimes referred to as a police character check) is a nationwide document in Australia; everyone may eventually need one. Everyone above the age of 16 years can apply for a character check via ANCC.

If you are under 18, you will also need the informed consent of a parent or guardian to apply for a check. The online forms on the ANCC website will guide you through the process.