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How to get a police check in South Australia (SA)

Start a new Police Check
Start a new Police Check

Government approved services like ANCC make the process easier and faster for candidates that want to apply for police checks online.

The police check certificates have become one of the most important documents in South Australia (SA). Not only do government agencies now use it, but private organisations adopt it as a risk mitigation strategy. So, you will likely need a Police background check in South Australia (SA) if you want to apply for any role or accreditation in South Australia. These roles can either be;

If any of these intended roles involves proximity to children, vulnerable, and other sensitive positions in South Australia, then having a police record check certificate is essential.

Applying for a police history check in South Australia

There are various ways a candidate can apply for a police check in the state of South Australia, yet the same type of national criminal history check is issued no matter where they apply from. However, depending on the requesting agency, any of the following channels are fine.

Is there any difference among the Police Check results issued by the various Channels?

All criminal record check results are issued by a central government database as per individual state laws on criminal records disclosure. So a check being requested for by an applicant in SA will mean that the spent conviction legislation for South Australia (SA) will be applied to the check prior to results being released. It contains the current releasable police or criminal records of the person up till the point of issue.

If you need a check for an application, any of the following channels will do. However, an employer can specify a provider which is their preferred provider.

What ID documents do I submit for a Police Check application?

Any of the requested ID documents you submit for verification must confirm the following data you submit;

Any supporting documents that validate the data/ID documents can also be presented. The required ID is divided into 4 categories;

  1. One (1) Commencement of ID document;
    • ✔ Valid Australian Passport,

      ✔ Full Australian Birth Certficiate

      ✔ Valid Australian Visa,

      ✔ Immicard,

      ✔ Document of identity, and co. per request as given on the remaining list of options.

  2. One (1) Primary Use in Community Document;
    • ✔ Australian Marriage cert,

      ✔ Current passport,

      ✔ current firearms license,

      ✔ valid driver’s license, and co. as requested on the remaining list of options.

  3. Two (2) Secondary Use in Community Documents;
    • ✔ Medicare card,

      ✔ ATM or Key card,

      ✔ Bank statement,

      ✔ Credit reference check,

      ✔ Trusted referees reports,

      ✔ Australian utility bill,

      ✔ Australian Taxation Office Assessment, and co. per request as given on the remaining list of options.

What are the steps to applying for a police history check for applicants in SA?

For physical applications, you must visit the local post office or the police office. There is an attendant to walk you through the application process, including extra details and information.

Steps for applying online via ANCC -

These are the important steps to complete an online background check application;

  1. Select the “Start a new Police Check” button on the portal of the Australian National Character Check
  2. Complete the application form provided with accurate details of the examples listed above
  3. Fill in all contact details and extra information required on the check. Cross-check previous data you entered.
  4. Select and fill the purpose of the application; volunteer checks, employment purpose, and so on.
  5. Complete payments via any of the online options; PayPal, Debit/Credit card, and co
  6. Provide the requested Identification documents by;
    • Taking photos
    • Scanning and uploading
    • Mailing copies (Post/Police office)
  7. Send all IDs before you can finally submit the crime record check application
  8. Sign the informed consent online before submitting the application
  9. Use our “Track a Check” option on the website to track the status of the application. The certificates are also downloadable.
  10. Get an electronic copy of the Police Check result. It is sent to the Email address on your application.

Can a Police Check result take longer than 24 hours?

With the ANCC, over 70% of candidates get their results delivered to them within 48 hours. It is one of the reasons most people start an application online.

However, some applications can hit a snag, no fault of ours or other accredited bodies. This can lead to delays when the person gets their police criminal check results. The following reason may contribute to the application delayed;

Wrapping Up

The criminal history check is beneficial to both the bearer and employers in South Australia. Many SA based organisations have for this and many reasons adopt it as a risk mitigation strategy.

The convenient way to obtain a police check is to apply via the Australian National Character Check (ANCC).