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How long is a national police check valid for?

Start a new Police Check
Start a new Police Check

These days it is rare to apply for a job, license, accreditation, contract or similar activities without being requested for a National Police Check. Where such activity subsumes sensitive roles such as care for children, financial roles, vulnerable care, security, and co, it becomes an important requirement to provide a valid Police Check.

Obtaining a Police Check has become as easy as ever especially when you can apply online via Australian National Character Check (ANCC). Applicants who complete the online application receive their national criminal history check certificate usually within 24 hours, with the remainder that get referred for manual processing taking longer. The criminal record check you receive remains valid till you apply for an updated check.

However, not all Police Checks will be accepted by the employer or whoever has asked you to present the Police Check. If a criminal history check certificate is passed at a certain age, the requesting party may reject it.

But how do we know the validity period of a Police Check, given that Police Checks are;

The general validity period of a Police Check

Although the Police Check itself has no official expiry date, an organisation can choose the age of the Police Check certificate they accept. Organisations also make this decision according to their internal risk mitigation strategy.

Generally, most organisations will not accept Police Checks older than 3 months.However, some organisations depending on the sensitivity of the role may extend this “validity” period to 6 months.

These organisations believe that such validity periods best reflect their internal risk mitigation strategy. That is why applicants are advised to obtain updated Police Checks before applying for another role.

What if my police check needs to be renewed?

If your Police Check is rejected based on exceeding the “accepted validity period”, you can apply using ANCC’s online police check application form to begin an updated check. Most checks are dispatched within 24 hours.

Why National Police Checks don’t last forever

A Police Check contains an updated record of an individual's criminal records up until the point of issue. Therefore a person's recent convictions will not show up in a Police Check if such person receives his check certificate before another conviction. It means the requesting party will miss these current convictions as they are not on the check.

Is a Police Check a once-for-all?

Even when you have been employed or granted a license, you will still need to provide updated Checks at stipulated periods.

Furthermore, if you are convicted of an offence within this "waiting period", you are advised to inform the company and apply for an updated criminal history check.

Where is my Police Check valid?

The Australian Police Check is a nationwide official certificate. It maintains its validity even when you migrate to a different state/territory in Australia. The Police Check may also be referred to as a;

While the various States may call it by a different name, the information it contains regardless remains the same. The check issued by ANCC is valid in the following Australian states and territories:

How long does a Police Check application take?

When you apply online through ANCC, you will receive your national criminal record check certificate mostly within 24 to 48 hours.

While most Checks are delivered in hours, some may be delayed temporarily. Some applications can be delayed for 2-15+ days. When this happens, it means such applications are flagged for "manual reviewing".

In this case, an official must manually supervise the applicant's check and details. However, this does not translate that the applicant has failed their criminal history check. Manual reviews are usually results from

What offences show up on a National Criminal History Check?

If you apply for a criminal record check, expect all past convictions on the records of all States and Territories in Australia to show up. It is dependent on the State legislations guiding criminal records. A Police Check can return with a:

Disclosable Court Outcome: Individual has offence(s) that are considered releasable by the State, and are displayed in details.

No-Disclosable Court Outcomes: There are no offences to be disclosed on the applicant's certificate.

Some of the offences that come up in a Police Check certificate are;

Offences that do not show up on a national police check

Some offences are either considered "not serious" or irrelevant to the purpose of the Police Check and are not displayed on the results.

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