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    National Police Clearance and Results: How Do You Proceed?

    National police clearance is a certificate listing an individual’s disclosable criminal background or history. If you have never tried getting one before, then this guide can help you navigate through the process. You do have to choose a national police clearance provider that offers quality services, so make sure to work only with reputable ones.

    Why Are National Police Checks Important?

    National Police Clearance are required by companies from their prospective employees to ensure that they don’t have pertinent cases in court, criminal background, and other legal charges. Many companies mandate this requirement to safeguard the integrity of their establishment, and to ensure that they are employing people that will not pose danger to the society.

    Most governing bodies also mandate these from people who wish to register or volunteer to a program for the same reasons stated above. Here are the steps that are typically involved in getting national police checks:

    Identify the Type of Police Check You Need

    The first step involves considering the explicit instructions of your potential employers. Different companies will require different types of police checks. It also depends on what purpose you are going to use it for. Make sure you get one that matches their requirements. In Australia, there are three types of police checks, namely:

    Name Check

    Name check, also known as Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check, is a process where an applicant’s name is checked in the national database for persons of interest. This database contains information from all police agencies in Australia. Name checks are considered as the most common type of police check for employment purposes.

    Fingerprint Check

    Fingerprint checks are rarely used for employment purposes. In most cases, they are used to comply with legal or regulatory requirement such as in identity management and so on. Access to the central database of police records is still required, so choose a service provider that can do this.

    Name Check with Ammonium Nitrate Check

    This type of check is mostly done for security assessment. This check is also commonly required by applicants seeking employment or those who are already employed. Examples of companies that typically require this type of check are mining and manufacturing companies.

    Once you have identified what type of police check you need, it is now easier to move on to the next steps.

    Choose Your Preferred Process

    There are two ways to process your national police clearance. One is through the traditional manual application, while the other option is through online processing.

    Submission via post

    With this option, you will be sent a physical form by the checking agency. You have to manually fill out the form and send it back to the agency via post.


    Online applications, as the name suggests, are applications that are done completely online. Some agencies have forms ready on their website for easy user access like the one by Australian National Character Check.

    Suffice it is to say, online applications are easier and more convenient. Not to mention, you will save time and resources by skipping the manual process.

    Fill Out the Form

    After choosing your preferred application method, you can now proceed with actually filling out the application form. The application form will require personal information such as name, address, purpose, and so on.

    Complete the Steps as Directed

    Most police check providers have an easy-to-use interface with clear instructions and directions. While you are filling out the online or physical form, there are clear instructions on what specific information is needed. Some agencies even provide examples for further clarification. This way, you will never get lost in the process.

    Chat with Support Team for Enquiries

    Complete the steps as directed. But if some bits are hard to understand or sound confusing to you, then never hesitate to seek help. There should be a hotline or a chat room where you can easily communicate with any team member of the service provider. Any good police check providers will have this feature ready for their clients.

    Wait for Results

    Once you have submitted your information, you can expect results in less than two business days. A little waiting time is necessary to ensure that the results presented to you are accurate. This is a police check, which is why due diligence and careful assessment is absolutely necessary.

    If the results are taking a longer time to reach you, the agency should be responsible enough to inform you about the situation. Some agencies even have check trackers that allow applicants to track their pending check requests like the ones at Australian National Character Check.

    Verify Your Check

    After receiving the results on your mail, you have to take the extra step of verifying your check with the agency that you applied with. Most companies already have this up and running online. This convenient platform can let you verify the authenticity of your check, so make sure not to skip this part.

    Submit to Employers or Other Decision Makers

    Finally, after receiving and verifying the results, you can submit a copy to your employers or other decision makers. Whether you need it for employment, licensing, or registration, it is vital that the requesting bodies receive a copy of the police check before the due date.

    Ready to Apply? Start Here at Australian National Character Check

    Australian National Character Check is a service provider specialising in all types of police checks and national police clearance requirements. We cater to persons aged 16 years and above who need police checks for employment, volunteering, or registration purposes. We dedicate our services to ensure community safety and security.

    Accurate police checks are vital for decision makers to make the right judgment in placing members of the community into certain roles or positions. These are helpful tools to safeguard the security of the community as a whole. We are committed to bringing these services right at the comfort of your homes through online applications.

    Experience fast and precise police checks when you work with Australian National Character Checks. Visit our website and click “Start a New Check” to get started.

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