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  • Police Check Expiry in Queensland

    The Police Check in Queensland is a document of attestation confirming the candidate’s interaction with the courts and the law within the QLD and national jurisdiction.

    More than employers and agencies, even volunteer organisations will request your Police Check whenever you apply for their services.

    All these make the Police Check an important assessment document in Queensland, and even outside the state.

    A police check in Queensland (QLD) is a point in time check and has no set expiry date. Decision makers in QLD (e.g. employers) determine the validity period of a police check based on their own internal risk mitigation policies. Generally, most employers in QLD do not accept a police check that is older than three (3) months

    Does a Police Check in Queensland (QLD) ever expire?

    When the Police Check for persons based in Queensland is issued, it contains the previous records of the individual up until the date of issue. And this is why it is called a point-in-time check.

    The Police Check cannot include the current convictions of the holder except an updated Police Check is obtained.

    Technically, the Police Check does not expire, and it does not even have an expiry document like some other certificates or assessment results. However, this "expiry conundrum" is quite different in the corporate world.

    Employers conclude that 3 months is a maintainable period that the candidate will not have a conviction.

    What do I do if a Police Check in QLD expires?

    The Police Check is a renewable assessment certificate not constrained by periods, frequency or application.

    If your Police Check is older than 3 months since the day you obtained it, you can apply for a renewal at ANCC.

    Renewing your Police Check is similar to obtaining a new Police Check, and you will need the same verification IDs and fill the same application forms.

    Can an employer in QLD renew the employee's Police Check?

    The Police Check application can be completed and submitted on behalf of the applicant. However, this process must be with the informed consent of the candidate. And the employer must follow the Privacy Act in Use and Disclosure of Criminal records.

    Some Organizations prefer to request police checks directly from their employees using ANCC’s business portal for police checks.

    For some roles like aged care work, the legislation makes a Police Check mandatory, especially for sensitive roles. And employers in such sectors must within regular and respectable intervals request updated Police Checks from the candidate.

    Why do most Organisations in QLD not accept a Police Check older than 3 months?

    The Police Check was never meant to expire, and within regular intervals be updated as the requesting party considered.

    Most organisations know that the Police Check will only include the criminal history and not a current record of the candidate. And this is one of the reasons why employers will not accept an "outdated" Police Check. Other reasons include;

    • The risk mitigations strategy the employer adopts

    Every employer has its systems and modules of averting risks, especially those that affect the trust and properties of their customers. And some of them include requesting updated and current assessments of all their employees.

    Therefore, more like a tacit consensus, most employers will not accept Police Check results older than 3 months.

    • Police Checks are meant to be current records

    A Police Check obtained more than a year ago does not disclose criminal records after the period of issuance.

    If an employer must assess the candidate correctly based on their convictions record, they must request recent Police Check results.

    • Updated Police Check adapts to the Spent Convictions Scheme

    Since an old Police Check may include offences that are already spent (if any), it may mislead the employer during recruitment.

    How to renew a Police Check

    Candidates who want to obtain/or renew a Police Check have three options. They can apply through any of the following methods provided;

    • Approved Online Service Provider (ANCC)

    When you apply online, you will get your Police Check certificate online via email. The application process involves filling a simple form that takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

    You can apply online using any; PC, tablet, or mobile device connected to the internet. Also, you can complete all ID verification, document submission, and other payments online. It is a convenient method, especially for those with a tight schedule.

    By following these steps, you can receive a copy of your Police Check Online:

    1. Select the “Start a new Police Check” button on the portal of the Australian National Character Check.
    2. Complete the application form provided with accurate details of the examples listed below.
    3. Fill in all contact details and extra information required on the Police Check. Cross-check previous data you entered.
    4. Select and fill the purpose of the Police Check application; volunteer, employment, and so on.
    5. Complete payments via any of the online options; PayPal, Debit/Credit card, and co.
    6. Provide the requested Identification documents by;
    • Taking photos,
    • Scanning and uploading,
    • Mailing copies (Post/Police office).
    1. Send all IDs before you can finally submit a Police Check application.
    2. Sign the informed consent online before submitting the Police Check application.
    3. Use our “Track a Check” option on the website to track the status of the application. The certificates are also downloadable.
    4. Get an electronic copy of the Police Check result. It is sent to the Email address on your application.

    • Applying through the Local Police

    Alternatively, some employers may request that you obtain the Police Check from the Police. It in no way sprites the authenticity of the check, it just depends on the requesting party's preference.

    Applying to the police may require a physical visit to the Local QLD Police office. At the Police office, you will receive an application form to fill and complete your details. All information you submit should be corroborated by any of the verification IDs you submit.

    Applying at the local police office may be a physical process that requires you to certify ID documents.

    • Applying through your Local Post office

    The Post office forwards all Police Check applications from the candidate to the National Check agency. Applicants must submit all requested information together with the specified ID verification.

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