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How to get a free background check in Australia

Much more than digging out the "skeletons in people's pockets" we want to know who individuals are before exposing them to certain conditions or placing them in roles that entail a position of trust. In instances like; care for the vulnerable, sensitive financial positions, medical insurance, and so on it may become a legal offence not to perform a credible background check.

There are many ways of running a background check on an individual, you could do it the;

Credible method: It involves going through paid, consenting and legal services such as Australian Police agencies or an accredited agency like Australian National Character Check.

Generic/Public method: For a trivial or low-substance check on a person, mostly where the person's past experiences or personality does not harm the service or contract.

Whether you choose to do a paid, legal service or the generic/public one, the important thing is getting little or substantial knowledge of the individual. And what better way to make background checks than do one about yourself.

How to get a free background check

Although the check you get with free service is limited, it can still come quite helpful and can be more reason to get a paid service.

Here are some methods you can use to get a free check;

Use search engines

There are billions to trillion of information published on the internet every day, and some of this information is personal. You can easily do a quick search about a person by inputting specific keywords such as their name, home address, place of employment and so on.

When using search engines, you should keep in mind that there is lots of information that is "useless" to your search. A search for "Richard Bonke" will bring out all materials related to Richard Bonke on internet history.

Also, searching with popular names might leave you with tons of information to sort through. The more the information you supply, the lesser the "useless" information and the higher your probability of finding the user.

Social Media Platforms

In the last two decades, no previous discovery or craze can beat the mad craze that Social Media brought. The total numbers of people on a social media site are about 4 billion.

Legal Status of the individuals

There are unaccounted and illegal workers roaming in search of jobs in Australia. Such workers should not be employed, to talk less of making it to sensitive roles or positions. There are easy ways employers can correct this anomaly such as requesting for;

Employers can also determine the residency status of an individual by requesting;

Accessing Criminal Databases

Most times, what we need in a search result about an individual are not just their email address or videos of their lives, but something a little more substantial. There are lots of sites that can fetch information about an individual, though it is hardly a free service, and not valid legally. You can get such sites with a simple quick search on the internet. They are similar to sites like;

For more specific information about an individual life/work, a criminal check should be in order. Where "vulnerable", safety and care is concerned, criminal backgrounds should take precedence.

Free Police Checks?

If you are pondering about obtaining a free police check certificate in Australia, know that regardless of where you apply from, police checks can only be obtained for a paid fee.

Applying for valid background checks using accredited services like Australian National Character Check are a paid service and are not free. You can obtain a paid police check for a base fee of $48.90 via the following link: Police Check Application Form.

Financial History checks

For the very likely event that a person has applied for credits or loans successfully or not, that person will have his credit reports available.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) can help you with information on people who have applied for credits including basic, work history, properties, projects and related financial information.

Public Records

Using public records is also an easier way to access the records of people. Depending on the type of information you need, you can go through different public records for free. Some of them are;

It is interesting to know that some of these archives hold information about a person as far as the 20th century. Information may include the immigration details, life history, care records, wills and probates, criminal trials, sentences and prison terms, and so on.

Check for Web Domains and IP address

Who Is source is a simple, and low-stress way of finding out who owns a particular web domain. It is free and available for you online. This comes very helpful especially when you are trying to purchase a domain or doing it for verification and whatever reasons.

Wrapping Up

The more information you know (Middle name, address, profession, and co.), the more fitting your search results. Also, going through free services can be a lot stressful since there is lots of "useless" information to sort through. Finally, consider the information you get as 'useful' rather than legitimate.

When making use of free background check services, keep in mind that the information may not be completely accurate, and there might be information gaps. It should not be taken as a legal background check - for that visit Australian National Character Check.

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