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    National Police Check: Its Role in Pre-Employment Screening

    Hiring an employee can be a tedious task without proper systems and guidelines in place. If you are in the stage of refining your company’s hiring process, perhaps you should consider adding national police check as an important requirement. There are multiple benefits to doing so besides the obvious safety and security reasons. In this article, we are going to discuss the crucial role of national police checks in pre-employment screening.

    What is a national police check?

    Before we get right into the importance of a national police check, we must first clarify its definition as it applies in the Australian setting. In Australia, a national police check is an official document granted by a police establishment or any government-accredited agency. This document enumerates police records including criminal history, convictions, and other related background information.

    What information can you get through national police checks?

    To get a national police check, personal information like the person’s name, birth date, and social security number are needed. Without these key pieces of information, the agency cannot run a police check through their system no matter how advanced their tech is. Make sure to get the information with consent, and with as much transparency as possible. Once information is gathered, the agency can then present you with relevant data.

    The results may vary according to your company’s specifications. But generally, the results include identity verification, criminal history, employment history, educational background, government-issued licenses, motor vehicle records, and more. In some instances, you can even request a credit check if it is necessary to do so.

    What can you do with all this information? How can it help in the pre-employment process? The following points sum up the reasons why national police checks are crucial in pre-employment screening, so read on.

    It gives a stronger verification of the applicant’s qualifications.

    One of the biggest qualms that recruitment officers face is validating all their applicant’s claims. Calling a character reference just would not cut in this day and age anymore. You need something stronger to back up their qualifications and claims, something like a national police check.

    National police certifications provide stronger verification of the things that the applicant has written down in his or her resume. It is true that most applicants go to great lengths just to get the job, even when it means embellishing their work history and other information.

    It presents accurate and unbiased information.

    At least with a national police check, you get accurate and unembellished information on important matters like their education and criminal history. Even if the applicant is only very slightly exaggerating, it is still grounds for dishonesty. You would not want to deal with that further down the line, would you?

    It is vital to keep the workplace safe.

    Perhaps the more obvious reason in getting a national police check for all potential employees is to ensure that they will not pose danger to the workplace. As an organisation, you have the responsibility to protect both your employees and customers. Letting someone breach your workplace without investigation and due diligence may leave your workplace vulnerable to threats.

    Security threats are just among the main things that can hit your company hard. But even when applicants do not have a hidden agenda, they can still get into altercations, start conflicts, and so on. Riling up your employees and causing disturbances where there once was harmony can hurt your workplace.

    It can protect your organisation from future liability.

    Speaking of safety and security, you can get sued by the wrong people who do not quite fit with your company’s working ideals, or you can also be held liable if the other employees are put in harm’s way. Skip major insurance costs and lawsuits by only hiring applicants who have passed the pre-employment screening.

    It can speed up the hiring process.

    National police checks are also useful for speeding up the hiring process. You no longer have to take a lot of time doing your investigation. Going to an accredited national police check provider takes the weight off your shoulders as they will present you with a document that contains all the facts you need to know.

    The overall process of hiring applicants is not only tedious, but requires investment in time and money as well. By cutting the hiring process down to the bare essentials, you get to save organisational resources and focus on more important tasks instead.

    It can filter out the bad hires.

    Ultimately, a police check online allow companies and organisations to filter out the good from the bad. It gives a quick glimpse as to the true nature of the people you are about to hire. When the results come out, you can make a better decision on who to hire or not. Just remember to disclose the reasons properly as to not get into a complicated discrimination case.

    How to process a national police check?

    There are several ways to acquire a national police check. The first one is to set this as a requirement for your employees. They can go through the process themselves so you can save time and resources. The second is to partner with a national police check provider and provide them with the pertinent details.

    Work with an Accredited Provider Today

    National police checks must be provided by experts who have the right knowledge and tools to run a comprehensive check. Without the proper understanding and resources, these checks might come out inaccurate. This is why you should only work with accredited national crime check providers like Australian National Character Check.

    Our services can be conducted 100% to further increase customer convenience and experience. If you need urgent results, then no need to worry. We can deliver the documents you need within 24 hours or less, given that all the information are right and no complications are met. We are here to give you quality and reliable national crime check services.

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