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    Police checks are required in almost every major transactions in both government and non-government sectors. Whether you are registering for a government benefit or applying for a new job, you need a police clearance to fulfil the requirements. But how do you check the checker? How do you know which police check provider is the right one?

    There are many ways to ensure that you are working with a reliable agency. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, here is a brief refresher on police check providers and what they can do for you.

    Why do you need a police check provider?

    Police check providers offer services in police checks and national police clearance to applicants, organisations, and companies who need it. These certificates are essential in finding work, licensing, securing identity, and more. An applicant must work with accredited providers to receive accurate results.

    Here are some things you can do to make sure you are choosing the right police check provider.

    1. Do Your Own Research

    In this day and age, you can find almost any information you need with just a click! Do some research on your prospective security and background checking agency. Find out if they are listed as a legitimate business in your area. How long have they been operating? Are they accredited by the federal government?

    Learn more about the agency through their website or review channels. Most of their information will be shown in the Home Page. You can also dig through social media channels to discover more about them.

    2. Know Their Services

    There are three types of police checks namely Name Checks, Fingerprint Check, and Name Checks with Ammonium Nitrate Check. Police checks would generally refer to any one of these types. Know which one you need and fill out the form accordingly.

    Also, be informed that most police checking agencies do not process Nationally Coordinated Criminal History checks for immigration, national security, working with children, working with vulnerable people, etc. If you require any checks of such kind, then be sure to check their scope of services.

    3. Solid Support Services

    Any good background checking agency will have solid customer support services for queries, complaints, and other customer requests. Customers may also face difficulties during the application process, so having a strong support will make their experience smoother and easier. They must be easy to get in touch with either through call, email, or chat.

    But quality customer service does not end there. Their support team must also get back to you as soon as possible. This means not having wait for days on end just for a response from their team. You need quick and reliable solutions for documents like this.

    4. Convenient Application Options

    There are background checking agencies that are still implementing manual form submissions in their application processes. This might be a preferable option if you feel queasy navigating the internet. But on occasions when time is essential, online application might be the perfect option for you.

    Online applications are a great application option if you want to save time and money. You even get to complete the whole application right at the comfort of your own home. If you want a convenient application process, then choose an agency that allows for online application.

    5. Tracking Systems and Other Features

    After hitting the “Submit” button, you might be wondering what to do next. Different agencies will have different ways of going about this. They might send you an email updating you on the status of your application or they might ring your number just to verify your request.

    Some agencies like the Australian National Character Check have online trackers that allow you to see the progress of your application in real-time. These trackers are amazing tools to know which stage of the process your application is in at the moment.

    Another great feature is to have a user-friendly platform with clear instruction for the applicant to know what to do next. There are descriptions accompanying every item that you have to fill out to avoid confusion. The buttons and fields are lined up in a clean and organised manner. Check for these features before you send your information.

    6. Timely Delivery

    Most applications are completed in less than 24 hours. Agencies with well-established checking systems will churn out results faster, especially if they have the latest technology on their side. Work with agencies that invest in strong checking systems.

    However, there are also cases where you might receive it in three days or longer. Some circumstances are simply out of the agency’s control. These incidents include having a common name which leads to matches with multiple persons of interest, information cannot be released, information is not yet digitised, etc.

    Inaccurate records, old police information, police agency workload, and many other factors can also cause delays in processing your application. It is important to manage expectations, especially when it comes to background checks. If you do have queries, turn to their support personnel for advice.

    Get Your Police Checks Through a Reliable Agency

    The assistance of a responsive and responsible background checking agency is vital to getting an accurate police check. Without their help, you might not be able to submit on time or at all. When you work with a police check agency, make sure that they tick all of the points mentioned above. If not, you might want to reconsider working with that agency.

    Australian National Character Check is your trusted provider in background and Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check. Whether you are an applicant or an HR manager, there are many great benefits to getting one. You lessen the level of risk, track your progress, and get results on time.

    We also offer “Urgent Check” which is applicable if you need a check for political, medical, national security, child-related processes, and emergency reasons. You may check out our FAQ Page to learn more about our services. Feel free to use our pop-up chatbot to correspond with our customer support representative.

    We look forward to working with you!

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