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How to get a police check in the ACT

Start a new Police Check
Start a new Police Check

National police checks in Australia have become part of the risk mitigation system of most organisations, especially for “sensitive” roles

Following the latest amendments to the guides on employments and risk management; an employer can refuse a role even though you are qualified for it if you have a “related” conviction which can impact the expected outcome of a job role.

However, many people including those that apply for national police checks in the ACT still find it difficult to apply for a criminal history check result often thinking of the many “paper works” and validity requirements.

How should I apply for a Police Check?

There are three common ways of applying for a police check in the ACT. Depending on the method you choose, you may get your results earlier or a little later. Yet all of these methods produce the same details on the Police Check results.

Are there differences in the police record check result issued?

Applicants should know that all national police checks are valid and are issued per the State laws on Criminal offence and disclosure. There is no difference in the legitimacy of a criminal history check result issued at the; local police office and that issued at the post office or online by an accredited service provider.

However, applicants who apply online will receive a digital copy of their national police check which saves on postage time and verifying the identification documents needed for a police check.

Will an offence in another State show up in my police check in the ACT?

A national police check result obtained in the ACT will contain the details of the conviction you got in the State and other convictions in other states. However, the various legislations guiding the release of criminal records in the various states must apply.

If the candidate has lived in multiple states before applying for an ACT criminal background check, their records will be compared in the various databases of all the States and Territories.

What information will I need to submit to begin a criminal background check in the ACT?

The national check agency compares a stream of information on the criminal records and State and Territory records against the applicant data. Therefore all Criminal records in line with the spent convictions scheme for the ACT are laid against the given name on the result.

To complete a criminal history check, the agency needs;

All this information must be verifiable through any of the ID documents you will provide.

These documents are divided into four categories.

The four categories are;

Commencement IDs

It can include any one of the following;

Primary Use in the Community Documents

Two Secondary Use in the Community documents

Can I apply for an ACT criminal history check if I have one already?

A criminal background check certificate is a point-in-time check. It discloses the conviction history of the applicant up till the point when they receive their police record check.

If the candidate gets another conviction while holding a police check, it does not reflect on the result, until the candidate applies for an updated check. The same happens if any of their offences become spent while holding a check.

That is why most employers prefer police checks that are not older than 3 months.

How long do national police check applications take in the ACT?

When applying for a national police clearance online, you can complete all application processes within around 12 minutes, including payments and submission. Agencies like Australian National Character Check make their application easy through the software for online application forms.

Applicants must then fill the required fields; data, and other related questions.

Applicants must submit the entire requested ID documents fields to help the checking agency verify all the data they provide.

All applications require the candidate to remit a fee for the national police check process. You can pay through any of the numerous payment options including; Paypal, Credit/Debit cards

Select the submit button only after you have completed all fields and are sure of the outcome.

Why do you need a police check?

A police record check is important to both employers and ACT residents. It represents an upgraded method of an internal risk plan of the organisation. In some circumstances and for particular job roles like aged care, the Australian government also requests that employers (especially in the sensitive sectors) request updated police check results within respectable periods.

Within the ACT, the police history check is such an important document that in some circumstances it will not be possible to make job admissions without the check.

It should also be noted that in certain roles in the ACT, applicants are required by law to obtain a working with vulnerable people check (WWVP) registration and not a national police check.

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