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  • How to renew a police check

    Even when you have previously received your police check report, you still need to make renewals every given time. Most organisations or agencies encourage their employees to submit an updated copy of their criminal check result to protect the brand by mitigating the possible future occurrence of scandals.

    Engagements in certain roles may also make it compulsory for you to renew your national police record check within respectable periods. Examples of such roles are;

    Does the Police Check result expire?

    People often wonder why they will need a renewal of their police record check result even after a prior one. They find it incredulous since a police check never actually "expires".

    However, there are many other reasons why an individual should constantly renew their criminal history check results. For some sectors or purposes, the legislation on police and criminal records even mandates it. An example is criminal record checks in aged care sectors. Further to this, some of the reasons are;

    • Formal update of the person’s Criminal records and convictions
    • The surest way to know your current conviction(s) in the criminal records is through the criminal history check result. An updated criminal record check result will include the current Police records of the individual when it is issued to them.

      So if an individual wants to make any applications (employment, volunteer, and so on.), their national police clearance check result will show them convictions that may contradict their 'roles'.

    • Know which offences are now spent
    • Most States in Australia, including the Commonwealth have a scheme that supports formal removal of convictions on an individual's Police records. These offences are called Spent offences and are taken off from the individual's records when certain conditions are satisfied.

      When you update your police check, those offences eligible for the Spent convictions scheme are removed automatically. The changes will reflect in the updated criminal record check result.

    • Most organisations put time-limits on Police Checks
    • Although police checks are a point-in-time check, organisations may not accept results older than 3 months. The fact that a police criminal check never expires does not mean it is always acceptable and "relevant”.

    Where to renew a Police Record Check?

    If you obtained your check over 5 years ago, it is nothing compared to how easily you can apply for or renew the check. With the innovative online application, which is quicker, flexible and convenient, candidates can renew their certificates from anywhere in the world.

    • Online renewal/application
    • Most ACIC approved services like ANCC provide full online services to help candidates renew their checks. The procedures are easily completed with a PC, Tablet or Mobile device, and within minutes.

      Candidates who apply for their Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check online will generally receive an electronic copy of their results within 24 to 48 hours. Those checks that are referred for manual processing will take up to 15+ days.

      This procedure is well suited to applicants with rigid schedules and requires less fuss.

    • Local Police Station or Post Office
    • Australian Police agencies issue criminal history check results too. You can apply through the local police office close to your residence to get a check result.

      The application process may involve physical visits to the Police station, including completing paper-based applications. The ID verification process will also be done manually.

      Such physical applications can also be completed through the Post office.

    How to renew a Police Check

    Candidates often get confused with the word “renewing” a police check. However, in the real sense, what people do is a new check application. The process is similar to applying for a new check, even if you got yours done recently.

    The IDs for the criminal record check and the data you provide for a “renewal” are the same as those for starting a new check.

    The following simple steps can get you a result online via ANCC:

      Step 1

      Click the “Start a new Police Check” option on the portal of Australian National Character Check

      Step 2

      Fill out the application form provided with accurate details of the examples listed above

      Step 3

      Fill in all contact details and extra information required. Cross-check previous data you entered.

      Step 4

      Select and fill the purpose of the application; volunteer, employment, and so on.

      Step 5

      Complete payments via any of the online options.

      Step 6

      Provide the requested Identification documents by;

      • Taking photos using your mobile phone or webcam
      • Scanning and uploading
      • Mailing copies (in the case of a physical application)
      Step 7

      Upload all IDs before you can submit the application

      Step 8

      Sign the informed consent online before submitting the application

      Step 9

      Use the “Track a Check” option on the website to track the status of the application. The certificates are also downloadable when they become available.

      Step 10

      Get an electronic copy of the result. It is sent to the submitted email address on your application.

      If you request the hard copy, it will follow your submitted postal address.

    What do I need to renew my police check application?

    Before starting your renewal process, candidates must provide the following details, including supporting IDs to verify them.

    • Your full name
    • Date of Birth
    • Address(es) for the past five years
    • A verifiable photograph should be present in any of the IDs you provide.

    How long does a renewed criminal history check last?

    All results are “technically” valid until a new check is required from a decision making authority. However, employers and agencies must ascertain that the individual does not have a recent conviction in a related offence. Such conditions make a national police check result as valid as long as the requesting party wants it.

    A renewed national criminal check is also point-in-time, but most organisations do not accept renewals over 3 months old.

    Can I renew my Police Check in a different location?

    An Australian criminal police check is a nationwide scheme and remains the same all through the States and Territories in Australia. You can make a successful renewal anywhere in Australia and the following locations:

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