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    When do I need a nationally coordinated criminal history check?

    The National Police Check document has become an important background check in Australia and for a number of job roles, it is a nationwide requirement. In some sectors/conditions, the government mandates that all individuals in the particular (regulated activity) must present an updated Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check.

    Why do I need a check?

    Since it is a nationwide scheme and is mandatory for certain purposes, it is not a bad idea to get yours when applying for employment or volunteering roles. Most people will require it for specific needs like;

    • Volunteering and other non-paid services

    If you want to volunteer in any State/Territory in Australia, especially in a child or vulnerable persons related role, you must submit a valid national police check for the purpose of volunteering and present it to the recruiting organisation. While Australia welcomes and appreciates all volunteers, it also prioritizes all who receive such services, especially the children, minors and vulnerable.

    It applies to;

      ✔ Teachers

      ✔ Students / work placements

      ✔ Nanny

      ✔ Persons that have contact with children or vulnerable populations (A working with children check “WWC” may also be required).

      ✔ Aged care

      ✔ Vulnerable and minor caregivers

      ✔ Health placements

      ✔ Legal services
    • Licenses and related purposes

    There are some licenses that you can never obtain without a valid Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check certificate. These licenses are considered as “serious” or borders on the sensitive activities of every person’s life.

    Licenses offer the holder in some cases unlimited rights to a certain service or commodity. Therefore we understand how serious such commitments are to an individual. A national criminal check will help the agency/license issuer decide if an individual is “good enough” for the license.

    A background check will also build trust between two contractual parties in many cases

    Some of these licenses include;

      ✔ Real Estate licenses

      ✔ Construction/Maintenance license

      ✔ Licenses to operate in some financial-related roles

      ✔ Professional services licenses
    • Accreditations and Admission to professional bodies

    Some roles or sectors may require you to get accreditation before you begin operations. Also, in some States/Territories you must be admitted into the professional body/council/organisation before you start operations in those roles.

    Some of such roles include;

    • Paid employment and other jobs

    Many private and municipal organisations will require individuals to submit a nationally coordinated criminal history check (NCCHC police check).

    In addition to the legislation on national police checks for particular job roles like background checks for aged care employment, some of the employers consider an NPC as an important part of their company's internal risk mitigation strategy.

    Therefore, you may also need to apply for a NCCHC police check if you want to apply for a role in any of them;

      ✔ Legal adviser

      ✔ Health consultant

      ✔ Teacher

      ✔ Public vehicle driver

      ✔ Truck and delivery drivers

      ✔ Tradespeople

      ✔ Cleaners

      ✔ Bus operators

      ✔ Fireman services

      ✔ Gaming industry roles

      ✔ Financial services and roles

    Know your Police/Criminal record details online

    Although trivial for some, some people apply for an online criminal record check via ANCC to confirm their police/criminal records. It helps them determine which offences qualify as "Spent" and which offences may still be disclosed in their certificate.

    The knowledge may help them choose the job/role they apply for, and make a wiser judgment when applying.

    When should an individual apply for a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check certificate?

    We advise anyone who needs a national police check document to apply before they need it.

    In ideal circumstances, applicants should apply for their police check at least one month before they intend to submit the result to the requesting party.

    However, you can apply for a criminal background check whenever you need it. Our online portal at ANCC is open all the time, and we provide you with a swift response during business hours.

    How long does a national police check take?

    When applying for a Police Check, there are two main methods you can complete the application;

    • The local police station

    Here; the entire application process, including completing and submitting the applications, may be partly in person. Also, results generally take around two weeks before the applicants receive them via post.

    • Online portals of accredited service providers

    Service providers like Australian National Character Check (ANCC) provide applicants with valid results of national police checks.

    The process on this online platform means that you can register comfortably via your PC, Tablet or Mobile device connected to the internet.

    On average, people complete the online application in about 14 minutes (including verification and payments).

    When you apply via ANCC, most checks are dispatched within 24 to 48 hours, with the remaining that get referred to police agencies for manual processing of their checks taking up to 15 business days.

    How do national background checks help decision makers?

    All employers and decision makers are encouraged to adopt criminal record checks as an internal risk mitigation strategy. By studying the applicant's national criminal record check document, decision makers can decide if a person is suitable for the role and for contact with members of the community.

    Customers want to be assured that their investments and trust are in the right place. Also, employers owe staff and customers an assurance that their working environment is safe for everyone.

    Is my NPC valid across the various States/territories?

    A criminal record check issued by ANCC is a nationwide document and retains the same validity in the following States and Territories across Australia:

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