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    How Identity and National Police Checks Can Protect Your Business

    A national police check is a powerful tool that recruiters use to determine which applicants best fit the company’s mission and vision. Aside from this, it also serves an important pre-employment purpose, protecting a business and its interests.

    Here, we will take you through the steps on how to partner with a reputable agency to run national police checks on your applicants. More importantly, we will also discuss how exactly national police checks can protect your business. For starters, police checks can:

    Protect Your Existing Employees

    National police checks can help ensure that all the applicants you plan on hiring are in sync with your existing employees. Not all applicants have the same intention as your current workforce, so always be careful with who you allow into your office space. After all, one of the most major threats a company can face is the threat to its employees.

    Through a national police check, you can clearly see which applicants abide by the laws, respect the community, and so on. But just because they have one hit on their record does not mean that they must automatically be rejected. Your recruitment team must also be astute to the nature of their records. Minor offences can be given a pass, for instance, whereas major ones like theft or fraud must never be tolerated.

    Protect Products & Services Quality

    Aside from your people, another biggest asset a company can have is the quality of its products and services. When these are compromised, a company either has to come back with bigger and better offerings or cower under the face of demise. No company owner would ever want to have to do either one of those choices.

    That is another reason why national police checks are necessary. These tools help determine which applicants are suitable for the company. Aside from their traits and credentials, do they also have the discipline to help the company maintain its standards?

    Protect Your Company Assets

    A single company can hold multiple assets. From tangible ones to intangible ones, from operating to non-operating, the list goes on and on. These assets must be protected at all times. Without these assets, a business will have a hard time generating revenue, increasing value, and facilitating the entire business.

    One rogue employee with duplicitous intentions can bring an empire to its knees. Unless your assets are protected with people that you already trust, we highly recommend adding national police checks in your pre-employment policies.

    Protect Your Customers

    A business would not be a business without its customers. People who believe and support your business are the ones who can drive it further to success. Strong employees coupled with a loyal customer base are the two most important things that a business can ever achieve.

    If your workforce is compromised, there’s a big chance your products and services will also be affected. Once your customers get a whiff of bad products and services, it will not be long before they switch to another brand or provider. Even worse is when customers’ confidential data are accessed by the wrong people. It’s a scandal waiting to happen. A scandal that is bad for your employees and the business’ reputation.

    Protect Your Trade Strategies

    Every company has its own set of trade secrets and strategies. These strategies are integral in keeping them on the top spot even with so many competitors. Even when you are just starting as a business, it is still important to keep your strategies confidential. If these secrets are leaked out into the public, or worse, sold to your competitors by a fraudulent employee, you can find yourself starting back at square one.

    Protect Other Sensitive Information

    Speaking of secrets, there are other sensitive pieces of information that must be protected at all times. Your employees’ information, essential business transactions, financial records, investment accounts – these are just some of the things that businesses have to keep track of every time. When these sensitive data are breached, your business can be left vulnerable.

    When the reputation of your business is at stake, the only sensible thing to do is to place safeguards to protect it. Do not risk having to face the consequences of leaked information and include police checks in your employment screenings as soon as possible.

    Protect Your Business

    Perhaps the most obvious purpose of having national police checks in your screening process is to protect your business and everything that it encompasses. This is a no-brainer and is, therefore, worth reiterating as our last point. Now that you have learned all about the ways that identity and national police checks can protect your business, the next question is how to streamline this process:

    How to streamline your police check requirements?

    There are many ways to streamline your pre-employment process if you decide to include police checks. One way is to mention this early on to remove any surprises on the applicants’ side. But a better way to do it would be to partner with a police checking agency that can provide the clearance for your applicants.

    Get in touch with a police checking agency that offers affordable packages to support corporate pre-employment screening, like Australian National Character Check. They have streamlined services that focus on convenience and affordability. This way, you can still protect your business without putting a dent on your finances.

    Work with Australian National Character Check Today

    Invest in the safety and integrity of your business today and work with police checking agencies that you can trust. Choose providers that care about accuracy and speed. Trust Australian National Character Check to do the digging for you.

    Here at Australian National Character Check, you can have the best of both – accuracy and speed, plus you get the joys of affordability as well. When you work with us through our police checks online, we can process requests in 3-5 days. Experience Australian National Character Check. Our business is keeping your business safe and secure.

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