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    How to get a police check for a job or employment in Australia

    National Police Checks are one of the most important documents in recruitment, licensing, volunteering and other roles in Australia. In a number of private/self-employment ventures, you will need a Police Check certificate.

    Police Check certificates for employment is one of the easiest and fastest types to get. Now, there are approved service providers in Australia that return Police Checks online, some within 24 hours of applying and the remaining that get referred for manual processing taking longer.

    How to apply for a Police Check from an Approved Service Provider

    When you apply through an approved provider like Australian National Character Check - ANCC, you will receive your Police Check certificate electronically.

    However, you can also apply to get a hard copy of the Police Check certificate if you request one at the payment stage of the application.

    The application process on ANCC is completely online. The application form requires you to complete personal data requests like;

    • Full Name
    • Addresses for past 5 years
    • Date of Birth
    • Email
    • And other personal information along with identification documents as required

    The ANCC forwards all completed applications to the National Checking Agency to run the check.

    Applying through the AFP

    The Australian Federal Police authorizes and issues all Police check certificates. The application form is paper-based and applicants should allow at least two weeks for processing.

    Applying through the Local Post Office

    The local post office forwards all Police Check applications submitted through them. Applying via the post office may require your physical attendance to verify identification documents and the process may not be completely online.

    How to apply for an Australian Police Check online

    There are many ways to apply online for a Police Check, but a convenient and generally faster method is applying via Australian National Character Check.

    You can complete the application process for a Police Check by following these steps;

    1. Using your internet-enabled device (mobile, tablet or PC), log on to the
    2. Select the Start a New Check in the options and Proceed to answer the questions.
    3. Fill (completely) the required fields correctly and carefully, including your preferred and valid e-mail and mail addresses.
    4. Select the purpose of the Police Check (Volunteer, Visa, Paid employment, and co). If you select wrongly, you will have to pay for a new one.
    5. Remit the stipulated fee that appears using any of our advanced online paying options - PayPal, Credit card, Debit Cards, MasterCard, and co
    6. Provide other information as required - e.g. Previous names, Address history, etc.
    7. Provide the Identification documents (4) for the police check that is needed to vet your data.
    8. Confirm all information you provide before submitting

    How to verify your data for a Police Check

    When you begin an application for a Police Check, ANCC will verify the data you have provided. You also need to provide four forms of identification.

    These are;

      One (1) Commencement of ID document
      One (1) Primary Use in Community Document
      Two (2) Secondary Use in Community Document

    All of the IDs you submit must correspond to the legal name that you have provided in the application form else you will be required to provide evidence of a change of name by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

    Can you use a Police Check for employment purposes for other purposes?

    No, a Police Check is suited for the purpose you apply for;

    If you apply for a Police Check for volunteering purposes, you can only use it for volunteering roles.

    If you apply for a Police Check for employment purposes, you can only use it for employment.

    The Police check certificate is a dedicated certificate only suited for the purpose written on it.

    Therefore when applying for a Police Background Check, it is crucial to select the correct purpose for what you need it for. If you select an incorrect purpose, you may have to re-apply for another Police Check certificate.

    Which roles require a Police Check certificate?

    While organisations may request a Police Check as part of their internal policies, it is mandatory in other roles.

    Where the applicant will be in proximity or close relationship with children, vulnerable, public trust and properties, the workplace may mandate them to submit a Police Check certificate as part of their internal risk mitigation policies.

    Examples of roles where you must submit a Police Check are;

    Can you apply for a Police Check for your employee?

    Some organizations do not trust the authenticity of the Police Check submitted by employees or candidates. In such cases, the organization can apply for a Police Check on behalf of the applicant through approved agencies like ANCC.

    ANCC provides a business portal for police checks that business and enterprise customers can use. The business portal lets organisations order police checks, track their progress and view results. This is all completed with the applicant’s informed consent.

    What offences are shown in a Police Check for Employment?

    The Police Check certificate will contain all your court interactions and convictions ever given. Since it is for employment purposes, it will contain details of any offences or charges that relate to the role.

    How long does it take to get a Police Check for employment purposes?

    ANCC’s national police checks are usually returned within 24 hours when you apply online (in the majority of cases).

    However, your Police Check may take more than 15 working days hours if it is flagged for manual review.

    Manual review means that an official will have to supervise the checking process. This will further the time the applicant gets their Police Check by between 10 and 15 business days.

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