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How to do a police check

Start a new Police Check
Start a new Police Check

There is a nationwide document in Australia with unrivalled credibility; it has become an indispensable requirement for many organisations. Most will not accept a volunteer, employee, contractor or even agent without a national police check result. This is leading to an increase in individuals applying for national police checks.

Applying for a police check is not as difficult as some may paint it. However, it depends on the method or agency through which the person applies.

Applicants can get their police checks online via Australian National Character Check. Most results are dispatched within 24 hours with the remaining that get referred for manual processing taking up to 15+ days. Further information on how to apply for police checks and their options is given below.

Where can I apply for a Police Check?

Anyone who wants to apply for a national criminal check certificate has three major options for application. People who have a stricter schedule or want to receive their check quicker usually apply online.

What are the requirements for starting a police check?

The Australia National Character Check portal provides an easy police check process of applying for your updated criminal history check.

However, before proceeding, you must submit the following details:

The IDs required for verification are;

  1. One (1) Commencement of ID document;
    • ✔ Valid Australian Passport,

      ✔ Full Australian Birth Certificate,

      ✔ Valid Australian visa,

      ✔ Immicard,

      ✔ Document of identity, and co. per request

  2. One (1) Primary Use in Community Document;
    • ✔ Australian Marriage certificate,

      ✔ Current overseas passport,

      ✔ Current firearms license,

      ✔ Valid Australian driver’s license, and co. as requested on the online forms.

  3. Two (2) Secondary Use in Community Document;
    • ✔ Medicare card,

      ✔ Trade association card

      ✔ Bank statement,

      ✔ Credit reference check,

      ✔ Trusted referees report (via approved template),

      ✔ Australian utility bill,

      Australian Taxation Office Assessment Notice, and co. as requested on the online forms.

How to apply for a criminal history check online via ANCC

When should you apply for a check?

Most people wait till they are in urgent need of a criminal record check report before applying for one. It can have its consequences, especially when applications are delayed for "manual review".

What offences does my result reveal?

The result shows all the convictions and legal misdemeanours of an individual convicted by a court. All these offences it categorises as Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCOs).

Offences not disclosed on a police check

However, not all “offences” are considered disclosable – asides from the spent convictions or legal convictions.

Some offences are not considered “serious” or lack the jurisdiction standing to be included in your DCOs.

These offences are, and are not limited to;

Wrapping Up

Applying for a police background check is as easy as ever when you apply online. Every person above the age of 16 in Australia can apply for a check. Candidates under 18 can apply with written consent from their guardian/Parents.