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Drink Driving & DUI Penalties in Victoria (VIC)

Most of the ghastly road incidents/traffic offences have traces of drinking driving to them, and this is why Victoria comes tough on drink driving offenders. If you get caught drink driving with a Victorian state license, you are definitely in big trouble.

Drink driving offences involve the operation of a motor vehicle with blood alcohol concentration levels above prescribed amounts. The stipulated amount is a BAC less than 0.05, except for those on a zero alcohol restriction (current offenders). The Transport Legislation Amendment (road safety, Rail and other matters) Act 2017 (VIC) governs all issues relating to traffic codes and offences.

What are driving offences in Victoria?

Many factors constitute a driving offence in Australia, especially the BAC levels when you are caught. However, other factors, including

These acts compound your Drink driving charges.

Here are the various offences and their punishments depending on the BAC levels.

First offenders;

All first-time offenders get punishments depending on their license type, or if there was any aggravating issue. These punishments are modified to the new legislation that took effect from April 2018.

BAC levels below 0.05

Those with;

Drivers with any of these licenses caught with such Blood alcohol levels will receive punishments of either of;

BAC levels 0.05 and 0.069

All those, with any of the following types of license;

The penalties for driving a vehicle at such BAC levels, the prescribed punishments are;

BAC between 0.07 and 0.10

All those with a full license caught driving with such BAC levels will;

BAC between .10 and less than .15

All those holding a full license or permit caught driving at such BAC levels will receive serious punishments. The court can pronounce the maximum punishments which includes;

BAC greater than 0.15

This is the most "serious" case of driving under the influence of alcohol. If the court finds you guilty of driving at such BAC levels, it can order the maximum punishments including;

Non-BAC drink driving offences

Not only drinking or driving under influence qualifies as a Drink Driving offence. Some other acts that constitute a drink driving offence are;

These offences usually result in a court summons, and may attract punishments of;

However for "serious" Non-BAC drink driving offences like;

A driver charged with any of these offences must appear in court, and will;

Other punishments will apply in court where the Magistrate in Victoria may record a conviction against you plus an imprisonment term.

Repeat offenders

Victoria has some of the harshest t punishments for drink driving offenders. And the punishments are harsher for repeat offenders.

Repeat offenders are those with another drink driving offence within 10 years of having a prior offence or conviction.

The Spot suspension

The Authorities on traffic matters in Victoria can suspend your license immediately in some situations. Some examples are;

The period of suspension varies, and may even last until the court decides on the matter

Do these penalties apply in other states?

All those holding a Victoria driver license and are guilty of these offences even in other States and Territories will face the same penalties. The same punishments will apply as if they committed such offences in Victoria.

The Road Safety Act 1986 provides other information on the safe use of roads in Victoria.

Do Drink driving offences show in a Police Check result?

A Police Check is an important document to most employers. It contains the convictions history of a person, especially those related to the purpose he or she applies for. A Police Check Victoria will reveal all traffic convictions and court sentencing you got whether they are for drink driving or not.

You can get a national criminal check online through Australian National Character Check.

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