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Posted on January 19, 2021
It has not only become ethically and business-centric these days to request a potential employee for their criminal history certificate, but also legal in some circumstances. If your organisation is in the caregiving sector, employing “recklessly” a sex-offender/one with a recent history of violence could lead to punitive actions from the authorities.
Posted on December 30, 2020
Much more than digging out the "skeletons in people's pockets" we want to know who individuals are before exposing them to certain conditions or placing them in roles that entail a position of trust. In instances like; care for the vulnerable, sensitive financial positions, medical insurance, and so on it may become a legal offence not to perform a credible background check.
Posted on December 18, 2020
National criminal history checks are important tools used by individuals and corporations alike to safeguard communities and working environments. Governments even use them to ensure that they have trusted people on board. However, there are still moments when individuals and starting businesses, especially those that do not know the purpose of national criminal history checks, still get confused on whether the checks are needed or not.
Posted on December 11, 2020
Different situations call for different types of police checks. But how can you distinguish one from the other? How can you even know which type you will need? If you are one of the people who do not even know what police checks are, then you have come to the right place.
Posted on December 04, 2020
If you are interested in working in the aged care industry, there are some requirements that you have to accomplish first. The entire aged care background checking process may be gruelling – with all its stringent rules and protocols that you must comply with before you can be hired for the job. But with the help of a reputable national police check provider, you might find the experience smooth and easy.
Posted on November 09, 2020
Commercial drivers in Australia have tough roles to fill. Being on the road for hours on end is no piece of cake after all. But the rewards and benefits are great once you break into the profession. If you have been thinking about taking your driving skills to a professional level, then you have probably heard of applying for driver accreditation. You may have also heard about needing national character checks for it.
Posted on October 20, 2020
Employers often require their applicants to submit police checks as part of their hiring process. Police checks contain essential information that can help the employers decide on whether they should hire the applicant or not. An obvious purpose of police checks is to learn about a person’s criminal background, but that’s not the only thing that you can learn from police checks online.
Posted on October 06, 2020
A national police check is a powerful tool that recruiters use to determine which applicants best fit the company’s mission and vision. Aside from this, it also serves an important pre-employment purpose, protecting a business and its interests.
Posted on September 21, 2020
Hiring an employee can be a tedious task without proper systems and guidelines in place. If you are in the stage of refining your company’s hiring process, perhaps you should consider adding national police check as an important requirement. There are multiple benefits to doing so besides the obvious safety and security reasons. In this article, we are going to discuss the crucial role of national police checks in pre-employment screening.
Posted on September 07, 2020
People say that starting a business is easier than keeping one. Multiple things can topple an organisation in an instant, but there are also some factors that can help boost your organisation’s place in the world. One of the most vital things an organisation can have is its reputation. A bad one can lead a bustling business downhill, while a good one can catapult it further. How can an organisation or a business boost its reputation? Turns out, it is not as complicated as you might think – criminal background checks.
Posted on August 24, 2020
Police checks are required in almost every major transactions in both government and non-government sectors. Whether you are registering for a government benefit or applying for a new job, you need a police clearance to fulfil the requirements. But how do you check the checker? How do you know which police check provider is the right one?
Posted on August 10, 2020
National police clearance is a certificate listing an individual’s disclosable criminal background or history. If you have never tried getting one before, then this guide can help you navigate through the process. You do have to choose a national police clearance provider that offers quality services, so make sure to work only with reputable ones.
Posted on July 20, 2020
More organisations and companies around the country are requiring police checks from their applicants. This is a good step to ensure the safety and integrity of their assets and people. But without the right systems in place, well-intentioned police check requirements can backfire. This is why we have created this guide to refresh and inform organisations on how to create a more robust Australian police check policy.
Posted on July 13, 2020
Have you ever been asked by your employer for consent to perform a police check on you? While they usually do this before hiring you, there are several reasons why employers might undertake a police check and provide their existing employees with national police certificates.