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Police Clearance WA

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Which jobs require a Police Clearance WA?

Specific industries that commonly require a Western Australia or Perth police clearance certificate before new employees can commence work include and are not limited to: Community services & development, healthcare & medical, government & defence, banking & financial services, construction & mining, public transport services, volunteering organisations, nursing homes, aged care centres, etc.

If applicants require a check that is issued by the WA Police Force, this can only be obtained directly through the WA Police Force. Australian National Character Check is not affiliated with the WA Police Force and applicants must obtain one directly through their website. This may also require you to have your identification documents certified via authorised personnel. Applicants should allow a minimum of 10 business days for a check by the WA Police Force to be issued.

Overall, the majority of employers with effective hiring procedures incorporate a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check as part of their hiring process.

Is the Police Clearance WA different to the one at a local police station?

Local police stations in Western Australia and Australian National Character Check access the same central federal government database to issue Police Check results.

There is no difference in the legitimacy of a national police check issued by a local WA police station and Australian National Character Check.

An applicant may notice small differences in the formatting of the certificate, however both are equally valid.

Applicants that apply through Australian National Character Check do however experience the substantial difference in speed and efficiency when obtaining their National Police Check online. Majority of police clearance checks are returned to applicants within 24 to 48 hours. Results are emailed on the same business day they are received and applicants receive instant sms notifications.

Overall, applicants save time and cost when applying for their Police Clearance WA online.

Where is the Police Clearance WA Valid?

The Police Clearance WA is valid Australia wide. When you apply for a Police Clearance WA, in essence you are also applying for the following:

How long is a Police Clearance WA valid for?

Most employers don't accept a Police Clearance in Perth that is older than three months. It must also be noted that a national Police Clearance WA is a point-in-time check, meaning that the results only reflect police records on the date they are released.

Decision makers (e.g. employers) determine how long a criminal history check is to be accepted as 'valid', based on their own risk management strategy and assessments.