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What is a National Police Check ACT?

A National Police Check in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is a collation of police and conviction history information about an individual that has been determined releasable by Australian police agencies.

Employers and workplaces in Canberra commonly require a National Police Check ACT before placing persons in employment positions or within a position of trust.

How long does it take to get a National Police Check ACT?

The vast majority of online police check certificates are returned to applicants in Canberra within one business day.

In the event it takes longer than this, it will likely have been forwarded to Australian police agencies for manual processing.

An ACT police check application may be referred for manual processing if the applicant has a common name, or a name that is a potential match with a person of interest on police systems.

How much does it cost to obtain a National Police Check ACT?

The base price to obtain a criminal background check online for applicants based in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is $48.90.

Applicants and employers can pay securely using PayPal, debit or credit card.

How do I get a National Police Check ACT?

In the past, the main way in which Canberrans could obtain a criminal record check was to go directly to the local AFP police station. Generally the process at the local police station was slowand inefficient, and would often take longer than 15 business days to obtain.

Applicants in Canberra can now complete their police check online in the comfort of their home or at their workplace.

The entire Police Check application, including identify verification is now available online.

If applicants require a check that is issued by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) e.g. for immigration purposes, this can only be obtained directly through the AFP Website. Australian National Character Check is not affiliated with the AFP and applicants must obtain one directly through their website. Applicants should allow a minimum of 10 business days for an afp police check to be issued as it will arrive via post.

How long is the National Police Check ACT valid for?

Whilst most employers and decision makers in the Australian Capital Territory do not accept a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check that is older than three months, results on the criminal history check have no set expiry date.

A police history check is a point-in-time check, meaning that the results only reflect police records on the date they are released.

Decision makers in the ACT such as employers are responsible for determining how long police clearance checks are to be accepted as 'valid', based on their own risk management strategy and policies.

Why do employers ask for a National Police Check in the ACT?

Depending on the nature of the criminal history, industries that might screen and restrict the employment of people with criminal records include and are not limited to:

How do I order a National Police Check ACT for my employees?

Please visit our business customer page for information and directions on how employers based in the ACT streamline their online police checks using a single and easy to use platform.