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Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check in the NT

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All over Australia and in the Northern Territory, you may be requested to present one form of background check or the other before you are granted a role or application. The most common type of these checks is the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC).

The NCCHC is not a check limited by States, Territories or local areas; it is valid all across Australia. The check is commonly referred to as a national police check in the NT.

Who needs a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check in Australia?

There is no restriction to those who can use or apply for the NCCHC in the Northern Territory. The NCCHC is a valuable background check whether you are a paid employer, probity, applying for licenses or other purposes in Australia.

You will need an NCCHC when applying to the following sectors;

Most employers include an NCCHC as part of their recruitment conditions or requirements. Employers may refuse a paid role if you do not have an NCCHC certificate.

The NCCHC aids employers in selecting the candidates they think are competent and suitable for the assessment. The benefit of assessing the NCCHC is that it contains all offences relevant to the paid role or position the candidate seeks.

The use of NCCHC cuts across various paid roles in Australia depending on the different internal policies of the employers.

Getting a license in Australia involves many processes and steps, including assessing your criminal history. The easiest and surest way for licensing agencies to evaluate your criminal history is to look through your NCCHC records in Australia.

The NCCHC for licensing purposes contains records that are relevant to the permit or license the applicant seeks. Some of the license application where you will need the NCCHC includes;

Furthermore, professional bodies may request you to submit a license before they admit you into the organisation. The NCCHC advises the decision-maker whether you match their requirements or suitability factor before accepting you into their body.

Where Can I obtain an NCCHC in Australia?

There are three main mediums for getting the NCCHC in Australia; it mostly depends on the preference of the applicant or usually the requesting party.

Is the NCCHC the same for various purposes?

The NCCHC is a nationally coordinated background check; it reveals similar results if the candidate has selected the same purpose. However, the NCCHC results may vary slightly depending on the purpose you choose in the application.

Also, employers will not accept a switch of the NCCHC; you cannot use a check for one purpose to apply for a different role.

How long is the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check valid?

The NCCHC is valid from the point of issuance till whenever agreed by the requesting party. Technically the NCCHC or similar background checks don't expire; however, they can get obsolete. Since the NCCHC is a record obtained from the updated criminal records of the candidate, most employers set a "validity" period.

Usually, employers or other agencies will not accept NCCHC older than three months. It does not mean the candidate will not get a new conviction in that period; it just gives a period of "free-period" until their current NCCHC expires.

For some roles, it is dangerous for the employer not to request a Current NCCHC since recent records tell a lot about the candidate.

Does the Nationally Coordinated Check expire?

No, the NCCHC can remain for a long time, depending on the preference of the requesting party. However, since some of these records can change under Australian laws, the employer may request an updated NCCHC.

What will I find in the NCCHC?

If you need to provide an NCCHC, you may be interested in what records the certificate reveals. Most people are often troubled that such Checks disclose all the possible convictions and violations of the candidate – this is wrong. The NCCHC only discloses the Disclosable Court Outcomes of the candidate (DCO).

It is the DCO that forms all the records of the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check. All other convictions that do not fall under the DCO are called the NDCOs.

The DCO records include and are not limited to;

Immediately an Australian court convicts you for an offence; it will appear on your criminal records and subsequently on the NCCHC result. The NCCHC is a reflection of the details on your Criminal records in the police database.

It contains all other convictions and sentences for offences like;

Even where the court finds you guilty without a conviction, it will appear on your criminal record. Only if a court issues a diversionary or conditional program instead of your sentences will it not show on your criminal history in Australia.

If a court ever pronounces you guilty of an offence, it will appear the same way on the NCCHC result.

The court can issue a warrant for the Australian Police to take a person to custody for a period due to a criminal offence. These warrants may vary in degree depending on the case the court rules.

As the court issues an arrest warrant for a criminal offence, it may turns up in the candidate's NCCHC in Australia after the police executes the Warrant.

Sometimes it is essential to delineate how frequent a person has been with the Australian legal system and courts. If a person constantly gets charged with offences that they settle with fines or other programs, such details will appear on their Police Check. Of course, no employer or agency wants to hire a person who is always frequent with the court, especially where the role is sensitive.

Even when a court proceeding is ongoing, and the Justice has not given a final verdict, it may enter your criminal records. However, the criminal records will not enter your NCCHC as a conviction or sentence but as an (ongoing charge).

For some cases, the court may commit your sentencing to special release orders or programs. It means the court may refrain from imposing a sentence and direct the offender under specific demands, which they must satisfy. Until the bond period is complete and the candidate has settled the conditions, it will remain on the NCCHC.

What does not show up in a Police Check?

Contrary to popular belief, not all convictions will appear on the NCCHC, and some violations are regarded as the Non-Disclosable Part of convictions.

Only your Disclosable convictions by an Australian court show up in the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check. Some details that will never appear on the NCCHC include;

You can relax about your overseas convictions or sentences, as they will not appear on your NCCHC as long as there was no interaction with the Australian legal system. All your convictions overseas do not form part of your criminal records in the Australian Criminal database.

If you are requested to submit your overseas records, you may have to explore other means accepted by the country or region to provide such records.

The court may commit to exchanging your sentence for other lesser punishments like a diversionary program. Part of the diversionary program can be to sentence you under a parole or community officer to supervise your progress on the conditions of your programs. Some of them include;

Diversionary programs do not form part of your NCCHC’s disclosable court outcomes.

If you are not prosecuted under Australian laws or an Australian court, it cannot appear on your criminal records. If an association finds you guilty of an offence and punishes you, it is outside Australian records.

Such convictions are never included in your NCCHC records.

Of course, if the prosecution cannot prove your guilt, and the Magistrate cannot find you guilty, it will acquit you. If the Court dismisses the charges against you, it does not appear in an NCCHC or your criminal records.

If the Police or any other official issues you an infringement or fines instead of a court summons, it does not appear on your NCCHC in Australia. However, if the candidate contests this fine or punishment in a Court, they may have a conviction or record against them on their Criminal history.

If you get a Police warning or caution for a violation or misdemeanour, it will not enter your criminal record. However, there is usually a limit to the number of cautions and warnings a person can receive and exceeding this limit may result in a court summons and a conviction.

Certain offences eligible under the "Spent Convictions Scheme" will be removed from a candidate's criminal records. Once these offences are off the records, they will not appear unless the candidate re-offends

The Spent Convictions Scheme

Once certain offences are ‘Spent’ under NT’s spent convictions scheme legislation, the NCCHC result cannot display them under Australian laws. These offences remain inaccessible to the other party or employer in Australia. However, the conviction must satisfy a period of Good Behaviour or waiting time before being erased from the candidate's criminal records.

The Good Behaviour Period is;

At the end of the Good Behaviour period;

How does the Spent Convictions scheme affect the NCCHC?

There are many benefits to the Spent Offences Scheme in Australia besides the fact that it no longer shows in your NCCHC.

If a discussion comes up about convictions on your records that are spent, you can choose to be silent about it.

The Spent convictions are excluded in every assessment of the candidate's criminal records unless the Legislation requires it.

If you have any of your offences spent, they will be permanently taken off your criminal records in Australia. Having your offences Spent is sort of having a fresh beginning on your Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check.

Where Can I Use the NCCHC?

The Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check is valid regardless of where you are in Australia. Even when you change Territories or States and apply for a role or license, you can use an NCCHC result you obtained previously.

The NCCHC in the Northern Territory will disclose the same records as those of other States and Territories for the same purpose.

How can I obtain a nationally coordinated criminal history check in NT?


If you are an individual, you can obtain a national criminal record check certificate online via Australian National Character Check’s police check application form. The results are dispatched via email.

Business and Enterprise Customers

Business and Enterprise customers are able to sign up to ANCC’s business portal where they can order, manage, track and view candidates’ criminal history check results on their business portal. Organisations will undergo a process for approval prior to being granted access to ANCC’s business portal.

ANCC sends an invite to the applicant to complete their criminal record check online and handles the application and informed consent form. Contact ANCC’s business and enterprise partnerships team today to enquire about setting up a business portal for your organisation.