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Acceptable Identification Documents

          1 x Commencement

          ● Full Australian Birth Certificate (not an extract or birth card)
             - Front and Back (Back contains change of name)
          ● A current Australian Passport (not expired, however, if the Document Verification System
          (DVS) is used to verify the passport, it may be up to 2 years expired) - Front
          ● Australian visa current at time of entry to Australia as resident or tourist (this can also be
          accessed through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system delivered by the
          Department of Home Affairs)
          ● ImmiCard (issued by the Department of Home Affairs that assists the cardholder to prove their
          visa/migration status and enrol in services)
          ● Australian Citizenship Certificate

          1 x Primary

          ● Current Australian driver license, learner permit or provisional license
             (issued by State or Territory, showing the signature and/or photo and same
             name as claimed in the application) -  Front and Back
          ● Australian marriage certificate (issued by State or Territory,
             does NOT include those issued by churches or celebrants)
          ● Current passport issued by another country other than Australia with a valid
             visa or valid entry stamp
          ● Current proof of age or photo identity card (issued by Australian government
            agency in the same name, photo and signature)
          ● Current shooter or firearm license showing signature and photo (NOT minor or
             junior permit or license)
          ● For persons under 18 with no other Primary Use in Community Documents,
             a current student identification card with photo or signature

          2 x Secondary

          ● Medicare card
          ● Enrolment with Australian Electoral Commission
          ● Security Guard/Crowd Control photo license
          ● Evidence of right to government benefit (DVA or Centrelink or senior card)
          ● Consular photo identity card issued by DFAT
          ● Police Force Officer photo identity card
          ● Australian Defence Force photo identity card
          ● Commonwealth or state/territory government identity card (this may take the form of a
          working with children or vulnerable people card or a government issued occupational licence)
          ● Aviation Security Identification card
          ● Maritime Security Identification Card
          ● Credit reference check
          ● Australian secondary or tertiary student photo identity document
          ● Certified academic transcript from an Australian University or a registered higher education
          ● Trusted referees report
          ● Bank card, credit card or bank statement (without recording the payment card number/s)
          ● State/territory government rates assessment notice or Australian Taxation Office assessment
          ● Australian utility bill showing name and address
          ● Australian Private Health Insurance Card
          ● Australian Trade Association card
          ● DFAT issued United Nations Convention Travel Document Secondary
          ● Foreign government issued documents (e.g. driver licenses)